Numbers Tell a Story -- Numerology in Psychic Readings

Published Date 11/29/2012
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Numerology is like fact-checking a psychic reading.

Numerology is like fact-checking a psychic reading.

Numerology can help identify cycles occurring in your life. When we look at numbers, mysteries unfold.

Numbers tell a story just as the planets surrounding the date and time a person is born. The Planets contribute to the make-up and characteristics of a person, as does the vibration behind the numbers of date and time.

In Numerology, there are nine cycles you go through or nine years.  Each number defines a cycle in your life.  For example:  A one year is symbolic of new beginnings, birth, planting of seeds.  This is the first number and offers with it endless opportunity and vibrant energy.  A one year comes right after a nine year which is the last of the the cycles.  Nine years are for finishing what you have started in the past eight years.  It can be a tiresome year, and deeply spiritual.  So, you have one is the beginning and nine is the end. Once you have gone through nine cycles, you start at one again.  Each year or cycle brings with it opportunity and obstacles specifically geared toward certain areas of your life.

When a psychic advisor reads a person, they may take into consideration their numerology, astrology and tarot cards combined with my natural clairvoyance. This enables them to verify what they are picking up on through these other vehicles. It gives support to the body of the reading.  Kind of like fact checking or Spell check.  Call it Psychic Check.

Numerology can often give a psychic advisor quick insight into what is happening in someone's life. After that, they can dig deeper and help define the what, why, where and how's.  Sometimes people have complete opposite characteristics then what their numerology points to.  This doesn't mean the numerology isn't correct, but that for whatever reason they are resisting it. Of course, a psychic advisor can usually can pinpoint the blocks at the onset and during the course of the reading.

Today is the perfect day for a numerology reading if you would like insight into your birthday and those around you.  Or maybe you would like to know why a particular number keeps popping up. Try having a reading using numerology and see what the numbers have to say.

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