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Optimize Your Career: Unlocking Your Money Number for Success by Psychic Dara

Date 8/2/2023
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If you would, consider the following situation: 

Mary's getting really, really tired of her nursing job.

Numerology Expression Number

She originally took the opportunity because it seemed like a welcome change from her previous one. Over time, though, Mary grew discontent - and without warning, the job wasn't enough to pay her bills and expenses that suddenly seemed to rack up. Frustrated by her turn in luck, Mary decides to look up her numbers in numerology and discovers that she's a Life Path 5, Expression Number 4. She then tries looking into her Money Number in numerology to see if it could bring in some extra cash. Some of the recommendations don't make sense to her (why should she feed a cow on Wednesdays and was she really about to go the local petting zoo every week?), but she tries what she finds.

Yet despite trying to follow the various recommendations for weeks, nothing really seems to work. Mary even tries using magic numbers to attract money, with some success - but no matter how much she uses numbers like 4 or 5, things still seem so difficult! And her job seems to be getting even harder.

There are a couple of reasons why Mary's struggling to manifest wealth, and why using her Money Number didn't seem to work: the first is that Mary had primarily (but unknowingly) been trying to use the Vedic system of numerology, which is inextricably intertwined with ancient Indian astrology. There were therefore specific elements of the Vedic recommendations that Mary had discarded while experimenting with Vedic lucky numbers, and those elements turned out to be important!

But the biggest reason Mary's manifestation with money numbers seemed unsuccessful was due to career misalignment: she had been in the wrong job the entire time, and the money that she was supposed to be able to obtain wasn't given the widest possible avenue in which to reach her. If she had known the secrets of her Expression Number, she could have used that time researching a transition into nurse education first - which is where her soul genuinely wanted to be next.

Expression Number

It's All in the Expression (Number)

People across the world seek to use numerology to understand or even control their fate, from marriage and children to wealth and money. Yet the Money Number mentioned above, as far as numerology goes, is actually a new Western convention! In multiple ancient traditions, one's lifetime wealth was determined by a multitude of factors, and they were often seen as non-negotiable without some sort of religious or devotional practice. If you attempt to use the Money Number without minding your other numbers in numerology, it may not work as well - which is why you may want to know your Expression Number first, so that you can make sure that you're well-positioned to receive the abundance you're looking for.

The Expression Number, also known as the Destiny Number, is considered to be the number that describes your skills, gifts, and abilities. However, it can also highlight your faults, as well as developmental areas that require your attention and care. Your Expression Number can determine where to apply those skills in order to find career, social, and even lasting spiritual fulfillment. To calculate yours, write out your full name and use the guide below to "translate" the numeric value of each letter according to the guide below:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
S T U V W X Y Z  

Special note: this is a Western conversion guide; conversion values in other numerology traditions are actually quite different!

Add up your first, then, middle, then last names; you should have one sum for each part of your name. Once that's done, add the resulting numbers together. If the sum is a two-digit number, then add those two digits together to get a single digit from 1-9, unless you end at 11 or 22. That's your Expression Number!

Career and Numerology

Your Career, By the Numbers

Got your Expression Number ready? Let's take a look at how each Expression Number tends to "manifest" as lived experience.

Expression Number 1

Expression Number 1

Qualities: insightful, ambitious, quick-thinking, direct, self-reliant, inventive, and honest. Usually has good leadership qualities. Great exploratory instinct.

Struggles and Weaknesses: may be impatient, impulsive, arrogant, or haughty. May cling to "my way or the highway" thinking, lack of faith or vision, rushing ahead without a plan. May refuse to cooperate or collaborate with others.

Recommended Career Paths: corporate or otherwise executive leadership, entrepreneurship, flight and travel-related industries, military, politics, religious leadership. Any position or vocation where you can lead, inspire, guide others, drive major changes or one that allows you to use your visionary capacity.

Expression Number 2

Expression Number 2

Qualities: empathic, receptive, intuitive; excellent at finding compromise, balance, harmony, and connection.

Struggles and Weaknesses: can be envious, jealous, undisciplined, people-pleasing, or a chronic oversharer. May struggle with other people feeling entitled to their energy, time, space, and/or resources, due to being easily influenced by the moods and energies of others.

Recommended Career Paths: archaeology, astrology, diplomacy, divination, mediation, psychic reading, psychology, relationship, or accounts management. Any career or vocation associated with water (but make sure that you have a strong grounding practice), or one that is related to healing, the unknown, deep secrets, or hidden things.

Expression Number 3

Expression Number 3

Qualities: innovative, highly creative, collaborative, cheerful, vibrant. Excellent with people, and often the go-to "idea person."

Struggles and Weaknesses: can be overly sensitive, commitment-avoidant, immature, or limited by a bad case of FOMO (fear of missing out). Can be easily overwhelmed with many ideas and may struggle with staying focused. Follow-through may be a huge challenge.

Recommended Career Paths: advertising, concept development, creative direction, customer service, designer, IT, engineering, marketing, public relations, social engineering, telecommunications. Any position or vocation that allows you to utilize your charm, creativity, and ability to network and connect to others.

Expression Number 4

Expression Number 4

Qualities: hardy, persistent, trustworthy, practical; excellent logic and decision-making ability; protective of others.

Struggles and Weaknesses: may be rigid, inflexible, or unimaginative; may become overly attached to duty, responsibility, and order; may hoard money, resources, or even power. May hold things in rather than share or express thoughts/feelings and become emotionally inaccessible to others.

Recommended Career Paths: administration, architecture, banking, biology, bookkeeping, construction, dentistry, education government, herbal medicine, human resources, landscaping, library sciences, mechanical engineering, military. Any position or vocation that allows you to utilize your gift for protecting, teaching, or managing.

Expression Number 5

Expression Number 5

Qualities: passionate, ambitious, fierce, courageous, highly expressive; daring and bold, excellent socializer.

Struggles and Weaknesses: may become overzealous, foolhardy, intolerant, temperamental, brash, or needlessly competitive. May be inclined towards fighting, dominating, or bullying others. May talk excessively and not give others a chance to express themselves. May suffer chronic mental, spiritual, and emotional burnout.

Recommended Career Paths: acting, activism, advertising, comedy, communications, culinary arts, emergency medicine, firefighting, entrepreneurship, military, musician, performance arts, sales, stockbroker. Any position or vocation that allows you to utilize raw passion or instincts, allows you to express yourself well, and fight (fairly) for what you believe in. 

Expression Number 6

Expression Number 6

Qualities: magnetic, nurturing, kind, and compassionate. Often duty or family oriented. Can be creative, especially in earthy pursuits and handicrafts.

Struggles and Weaknesses: manipulative streaks, becoming overly dependent on others or keeping others dependent on them; may give up easily or avoid hard tasks; may develop issues with greed.

Recommended Career Paths: agriculture, banking, childcare, counseling (of all kinds), florist, herbal medicine, horticulture, hospitality, interior design, internal medicine, lawn care, luxury goods and design, maternity and neonatal care, nursing, pediatrics, real estate. Any position or vocation that allows you to help others make major life decisions, foster growth, heal others, etc.

Expression Number 7

Expression Number 7

Qualities: intuitive, creative, expressive, refined, knowledge-seeking, good with traveling (and may have excellent traveler's luck).

Struggles and Weaknesses: may be dishonest, evasive, or unfaithful. Can become cynical, jaded, and/or self-serious; may detach from reality and get lost in illusions.

Recommended Career Paths: creative writing, film, finance (especially financial analysis), investigation, investment banking (or venture investments), language arts, linguistics and interpretation, medical research and development, psychology, optometry, (most) sciences, painting, philosophy, surgery, theater, travel. Any position or vocation that allows you to utilize an analytical or investigative streak, explore the unknown, develop theories or diagnoses, etc.

Expression Number 8

Expression Number 8

Qualities: authoritative, judicious, practical; can be enterprising, bold, and good at bringing things to fruition.

Struggles and Weaknesses: May become severe, power-hungry, restrictive, or adopt black-or-white thinking; may not give grace where grace is due to others. May develop a desire to conquer rather than collaborate.

Recommended Career Paths: advocate, banking, business, collections, law, politics, financial services (especially taxes), real estate, representative, spiritual guide, wealth management. Any position or vocation that allows you to focus on leadership, bringing about balance, negotiating between multiple parties, or reconciling records. Any position or vocation that allows you to exercise an inclination towards wrestling or struggling with difficult things.

Expression Number 9

Expression Number 9

Qualities: organized, compassionate, philanthropic, virtue-oriented, fair, faithful; can be deeply influential upon others.

Struggles and Weaknesses: if faith is lost or the work to maintain good character is abandoned, there's a tendency to become cruel - or at least deeply bitter, cynical, or dogmatic. May have an unhealthy relationship with spiritual subject matter and the unknown.

Recommended Career Paths: activism and advocacy, academic professorship, chaplain, cleric, community care and service, education, death and transitional work, elder care, the fine arts, mortuary services, pastoral care, philanthropy, theology. Any position or vocation that allows you to help humankind or alleviate suffering in general.

Expression Number 11

Expression Number 11

Qualities: deeply intuitive, inspiring, talented - a veritable lightning rod for creative energy, divine insight, and hope.

Struggles and Weaknesses: can become overly self-conscious or anxious, flighty, and fearful. Psychic abilities, if left unhoned, can go into overdrive, creating spiritual imbalance and disruption.

Recommended Career Paths: any of the paths described above that allow you to receive, express and act on insight, solid ideas, and share with others. 11 is an expressive number - your energy has to go somewhere, so make sure to give it healthy direction and expression!

Expression Number 22

Expression Number 22

Qualities: steadfast, practical; a big thinker, diligent, goal oriented. Usually very capable of achieving huge, daunting tasks that others would have walked away from.

Struggles and Weaknesses: can become severely encumbered by duty and responsibility, or fear taking risks. May shy away from leadership opportunities despite usually being well-qualified. Can become stubborn or mired in "protocol and proper procedure" (much like Expression Number 4).

Recommended Career Paths: Any of the paths described above that allow you to pull resources, materials, or people together - or allow you to build something that lasts.

Changing Career Paths using Numerology

Even if you find changing career paths too challenging or inappropriate, all is not lost: consider pivoting within your industry using the above as a guide to where to go next. May you find the fulfillment that your soul desires and enjoy the journey along the way! And don't hestitate to give a Psychic Source numerologist a call or chat. Get started by clicking or tapping the button below.


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Dara is a spiritual counselor, diviner, and healer. While she has studied how numbers are regarded across various cultures and esoteric traditions, she is a practiced student of Western, Vedic, and African-derived numerological systems. Dara has approximately 7 years of recent experience with the use of numerology in alchemical, ritual, and other forms of multidimensional work. Her clients usually come to her to address spiritual blockage, obtain cleansings, address life challenges, and to develop a healthy relationship with their ancestors.


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