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Number 33

Numerology Number 33

Creative, Family-oriented, Idealistic, Service-Oriented, Artistic, Communicator, Thinker

Numerology Number 33 Meaning

Master Number 33 is known as the Master Teacher, and this vibration is very rare. A 33 brings together the energetic signatures of 11 and 22 (ie 11+22=33), and therefore contains the energies of 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6, truly a powerhouse of creative possibility motivated by love and compassion. When this number appears as a core numerology element (Life Path, Heart’s Desire, Personal Expression, Personality or Maturity), a 33 uses its double 3 creative force towards advancing the good of humankind and the planet. Number 3 is the energy of Solutionary thinking to solve the world’s most challenging problems. In a lesser position, or in the case of unrealized potential, the 3 reduces to a loving and domestic 6.

The zodiac sign corresponding to 33 is Leo, and it vibrates in tune with the planets Jupiter and Venus. Its corresponding crystal is stilbite, which raises consciousness with the vibration of universal love, and it resonates with the Crown and Heart Chakras.

Symbolic Meaning of Number 33

The number 33 appears symbolically in many religious traditions. 33 is the numerical representation of the Star of David, and it signifies the Holy Trinity in Christianity, which also puts Jesus’s age at 33 at the time of his crucifixion. Muslim prayer beads are organized in 3 sets of 33, and Hinduism recognizes 33 deities. The word “Amen” if translated into numbers also creates number 33.

Spiritual Meaning of Number 33

The spiritual meaning of 33 is all about growth and guidance. It lets you know that experiences requiring growth are coming your way, and that contained within these experiences are blessings.

Personality of Number 33

When there’s 33 energy in your profile, you’re likely to be amazingly creative, family-oriented, idealistic, and service-oriented. With strong communications skills, you’re a gifted writer or you use other artistic mediums to express yourself. More than anything else, you’re a champion of the underdog and will labor ceaselessly to address the most intractable social problems and attitudes with MOGO – the principle of doing the most good while causing the least harm.

Martyrdom is your Achilles heel, because you have a tendency towards self-sacrifice. Be careful to distinguish love from enabling and allow others to make mistakes from which they can learn valuable life lessons. Watch out for a tendency to criticize others for their lack of kindness. And allow yourself and others to be fallible and human. You don’t need to shoulder the weight of the world to make the world a better place; and you can begin small by bringing joy to those around you.

Compatibility of Number 33

Master Number 33 believes relationships are important and is seldom found without one. As a 33, you’ll do best with numbers whose positivity resonates with your own, such as numbers 1, 3, 4 and the other Master Numbers. The drive of a 1 will inspire and propel you forward, while you contribute the creative thinking that you’ll build upon to change the world. Since you resonate as a 3 yourself, you’ll find their joyful buoyancy a helpful way to reconnect with your own when feeling overwhelmed by the enormity of your purpose. A partnership with a 4 is a bit like the attraction of opposites, but there’s a simplicity to 4’s approach to life that can ground you and help you accomplish your goals, and a 4 will see you as an inspiration and role model. As for the other Master Numbers, you all share a similar worldview of cosmic responsibility, and your high vibrational frequency makes you very compatible with one another.

Career Path of Number 33

Of all the numbers, a 33 is the most empathetic conscious of others’ needs. Your desire to guide, teach and nurture others makes you an excellent teacher. You’re drawn to helping the downtrodden and will attempt to reform systems which perpetuate inequality and exploitation. You’ll also enjoy helping people discover their own creative potential. You’re likely to supplement whatever you do for a living with volunteer work and maintain a highly busy and demanding schedule. Remember to take a breath and slow down so that you don’t burnout.