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Number 3

Numerology Number 3

Exuberant, Optimistic, Creative, Charming, Charismatic, Playful

Numerology Number 3 Meaning

The Number 3 vibrates with the exuberant, creative energy that attracts optimism, good luck, and abundance. It is represented in sacred geometry by the triangle, considered to be the perfect form, while the number itself is buoyant and curvaceous. If the number 2 appears to be praying on its knees, the number 3 is shaped like an open-ended coil. It carries the forward momentum of a 1, but rather than moving in a focused, targeted way, it springs forth more with a refreshing individuality and sense of delight. In this regard, the vibration of 3 is an expression of originality and individuation. With a facility for sociability and communication, 3 energy wants to tell –or better yet, perform -- its story.

The creative urge of 3 has a flowing momentum that moves cyclically towards completion before beginning again. Think of triads like beginning, middle and end; past, present future; birth, life, and death; body-mind-spirit. The perfection of 3 was so powerful to the ancients, that we still think of luck (good and bad) coming in 3’s or say “Third time’s the charm.”

The number 3 is astrologically linked to the planet Jupiter, the ruling planet of Sagittarius as well as the zodiac sign Pisces. Its crystals include amethyst, ruby, and rainbow obsidian.

There’s 3 energy in your numerology chart if any of your calculations reduce to 3, or you were born on the 3rd, 12th, 21st, or 30th.

Symbolic Meaning of Number 3

The number 3 is the symbolic output of 1+2, representing the essence of creation. The number 3 in Tarot is symbolized by the Empress, a symbol of fertility. This is an abundant, motherly energy that gives birth to ideas, art, music, and culture. When the Empress appears in a tarot reading, or a 3 appears in a numerology calculation, it is a sign of creation, growth and facilitating new beginnings, while warning against material excess and taking the easy way out.

Spiritual Meaning of Number 3

Every culture and religion have viewed 3 as a perfect number. Christianity puts forth a sacred Trinity of father, son, and holy spirit, while other ancient cultures venerated the maiden, mother and crone. The number 3 appears in the Sumerian lore of Innana rising from the dead after 3 days and 3 nights in the Underworld, and in the Bible, where Jesus rose after 3 days in the tomb. The natural world is full of 3 cycles, from the waxing, full and waning moon, to the movement of the sun, creating dawn, noon, and dusk.

Personality of Number 3

Those who vibrate with the energy of the number 3 tend to have optimistic, happy-go-lucky dispositions. They’re usually charming, charismatic and playful, and possess an abundance of natural artistic talent. They don’t mind being in the limelight, and they’re adept at putting people at ease and keeping the energy light. If the number 3 appears in your numerology chart, you likely have a powerful need to express your feelings, ideas, and visions, and feel an innate attunement to the natural world and its rhythms.

The perpetually youthful and sometimes naïve personality of number 3 requires developing spiritual depth and self-discipline instead of relying solely on those talents which come so naturally and effortlessly to you. Used to being rewarded for being in the right place at the right time, 3’s can be ill equipped to handle life’s more challenging lessons. With a tendency to procrastinate and leave projects unfinished, a 3 can come off as irresponsible. And with a natural talent for playing the crowd, a 3 can appear to be shallow or inauthentic. With this insight, a 3 has an opportunity to set aside time for self-reflection and working through the expectations that others have of them, in order to reconnect with their own sense of self. A psychic reading can help.

Compatibility of Number 3

It’s exciting to be in a relationship with a 3. If you’re a 3, you enjoy having a good time, and relationships never get boring because you’re always doing something exciting to spice things up in the bedroom. Sex is fun for you, but true intimacy can be a challenge. This is because the 3 hides an inner sense of insecurity, a kind of personal imposter syndrome that fears being discovered as empty inside. When this happens, a 3 can collapse in self-pity or abuse substances. With the help of a caring friend, partner, or mentor, a 3 can create a turn around by digging deeper to confront its fears and create a supportive foundation for its naturally happy personality.

The vibrational energy of 3 will resonate most harmoniously with life path numbers 1, 5 and 7. If a 3 can tolerate the tendency of a 1 to be bit critical and demanding, it will offer the 1 a natural buoyancy that it lacks, and 1 will provide a 3 with the focus and discipline it needs to excel. A relationship with a 5 will offer opportunities for endless adventure and expansion, as you both hate feeling contained and predictable. The introspective nature of a 7 will balance a 3’s tendency to glide on the surface of life, and the 3 energy will help the 7 to be more light-hearted and spontaneous.

Career Path of Number 3

Highly creative 3’s need a career path that allows then to expand and try new and exciting ideas. Aside from the obvious choice of the performing arts, consider fashion designer, photographer, or writer.

If you keep seeing 3’s at work, this could be a sign that you need to share your talents with the world. Seek opportunities to expand or grow your skills and knowledge and find ways to align yourself with your divine purpose. If that includes looking for a new job, your best days to interview are Thursday and Friday.