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How to Calculate Your Challenge Number

What is your challenge number?

What is Your Challenge Number?

The sudden ups and downs caused by unexpected change often have people struggling to understand their life path. Rapidly changing conditions give us a chance to succeed, have new experiences, and progress. Because most people are uncomfortable with change, it helps to know when the change is coming. Your Challenge number provides clues to what to expect and when through numerical cycles that map your pinnacle number and its corresponding challenge numbers that are unique to you.

What’s a Numerology Challenge Number?

Just as we have four pinnacle cycles, we also face four main challenges in our lives, which relate to our challenge numbers and their meanings. The first challenge number generally appears in the first pinnacle. The second challenge number generally shows up anytime after the first pinnacle, and the third challenge number is a constant throughout our lives. The fourth and final numerology challenge number is related to the fourth pinnacle. 

Understand that the challenge number indicates that you’ll be challenged with the negative elements of the number while simultaneously being challenged to step up to the plate and embrace and act upon the positive and constructive aspects of the number.  Challenge numbers are not meant to be overcome; rather they indicate what you must become.

How to Calculate Your Numerology Challenge Number

Here’s how to calculate the challenge numbers for your pinnacles. This is the one case in numerology where you must subtract numbers rather than use addition. Another important thing to note is that there are no negative numbers in numerology, so you actually can subtract a larger number from a smaller number, essentially by reversing the equation. If you subtract a 9 from a 2, for instance, what you end up with is a 7. If you subtract a 7 from a 3, what you end up with is a 4.

To arrive at your challenge numbers, begin with your date of birth. Separate your month, birthday, and year and reduce them individually. For example, if you were born on October 12, 1961, you will work with them like this to arrive at your core numbers:

Month: October (10)    1+0=1

Day: (12)                      1+2=3

Year (1961)                  1+9+6+1=17; 1+7=8;

How To Calculate Your First Challenge Number: Using your core numbers, subtract the month of birth from the day of birth. Since there are no negative numbers, if the result would be negative, subtract the day from the month. So, in the above example. 1-3 would be negative, so you will reverse it and instead subtract 3-1=2. Your first challenge number is 2.

How to Calculate Your Second Challenge Number: Again, using your core numbers, subtract the day of your birth from the year of your birth (or reverse it in the case of negative numbers). In the above example, 8-1=7. Your second challenge number is 7.

How to Calculate Your Third Challenge Number: Next, subtract the first challenge number from the second challenge number to determine your third challenge number. In this example, 7-2=5. Your third challenge number is 5.

How to Calculate Your Fourth Challenge Number: Finally, take your core number for your birth year and subtract your birth month core number. In this example, 8-3=5. Your fourth challenge number is 5.

Numerology Challenge Number Meanings

Challenge Number One: Challenge number one is to stand up for yourself and become self-reliant without being domineering.

Challenge Number Two: Challenge number two is to avoid jealousy and fear. You will be very sensitive to the environment. Use precision in handling details and be diplomatic.

Challenge Number Three is that circumstance will require you to use your imagination, musical and artistic creativity, and have more confidence.

Challenge Number Four is to develop a code of ethics and values and tone down strong opinions.

Challenge Number Five: is to be less set in your ways, to become more flexible, and avoid restlessness and impatience.

Challenge Number Six: accept responsibility for your own action; be realistic, and honorable, and fulfill your commitments.

Challenge Number Seven: overcome feelings of loneliness and transform them into gratitude. Don’t be prideful

Challenge Number Eight: Don’t be boastful, instead be sincere, and empower others.

There is no challenge number nine.

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