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How to Calculate Your Personal Year Number

What is your personal year number?

What is Your Personal Year Number?

How to Calculate Your Personal Year Number and What it Means

To calculate what the year has in store for you, add the digit of your month and your day of birth to the current year and reduce it to one digit. For example, if you were born on 7/7 and the current year is 2022, you will do this addition: 7+7+2+0+2+2= 20 or 2. This will give you your personal year which explains the energy for the year. This tells you that your personal year is vibrating with 2 energy for you.

Knowing your personal year will help you to direct your energies correctly.

Personal Year Number - Its Message and Meaning 

Personal Year Number One: a personal year where you enter a new cycle of experience. The next nine years of your life greatly depend on what you do now. It is a clean slate. Look to the future and let things go from the past that are obsolete.

Personal Year Number Two: a personal year is all about understanding partnerships and healing. It can be a year of breaking ties but should be done with caution. You will make new partnerships with friends, businesses, and usually love.

Personal Year Number Three: a personal year about friendships, inspiration, ideas, and dreams. It can be emotionally happy with pleasure trips and fun occupying an important place in your life.

Personal Year Number Four: a personal and a practical year; a year that brings health and financial matters (or that of your families) upon your shoulders. It is a foundation year bringing stability.

Personal Number Five: a personal year bringing change, freedom from routine, change of location, or travel. The keywords are change and new.

Personal Year Number Six: a personal year, a duty year, and caring for a family or friend are the keynotes. It is a year to talk things over and bring about peace and healing; a strong year of getting settled or settling down.

Personal Year Number Seven: Your personal year is a year of soul searching, spiritual studies, career change, schooling, and a desire to know and learn new things.

Personal Year Number Eight: Your personal year is a year of money business and good judgment with a deep desire to better your financial situations

Personal Number Nine: Your personal year is a year of completion and endings; some are necessary and welcome, and others cause upset.  It is best to go with the flow. You must attend to your life, straighten things out, and be ready to move forward.

Numerology is a tool that for centuries has been used to unlock patterns and cycles that can make life less unpredictable and help give it meaning. Exploring its mysteries offers a fascinating glimpse into the harmonies and synchronicities of numbers, mathematics, and sacred geometry. The deeper you get into numerology, the more you begin to see numerical patterns everywhere. You may also want to discover your Soul Urge Number which represents the energy and vibration of a person from a heart perspective. 

Turn to the Psychic Source Numerology Guide as a resource for decoding the hidden meaning of numbers, and to the many numerologists as Psychic Source for guidance as to their meaning in your life.


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