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Number 5

Numerology Number 5

Spontaneous, Fun-Loving, Sociable, Tolerant, Adventurer, Curious, Friendly

Numerology Number 5 Meaning

The Number 5 vibrates with the joy of living. It resonates with risk-taking, adventure and more than anything else, adaptability to change. 5 energy is alive with the 5 senses. In sacred geometry, the 5 is represented by the pentagram, itself a symbol rich in meaning and significance. The shape of the number 5 looks forward with optimism and is rapidly propelled onward with an open wheel at its base.

Its ruling planet is the highly volatile Mercury, and both Gemini and Virgo resonate to its vibration.

There’s 5 energy in your numerology chart if any of your calculations reduce to 5, or you were born on the 5th, 14th, or 23rd of any month.

Symbolic Meaning of Number 5

The symbolic meaning of 5 is tied closely to regeneration, and to the totality of humankind contained within all the elements of the Universe. It can be seen in the natural world in the base of flowers which resemble the 5-pointed star, and the seed pattern within fruits such as apples and pears. There are 5 sacred elements in Asian traditions, earth, water, wood, fire, and metal. In the tradition of the Kabbalah, these elements are arranged in a pentagram with water at to the right, and then clockwise Fire, Earth, Air and finally Spirit as the sum of the elements and the Cosmos. This 5-star pattern is associated with Venus, the Goddess of Love and Fertility, who is also called the Morning/Evening Star. Leonardo da Vinci’s famous Vitruvian places man within a pentagram within a circle. Despite the angularity of 5 points each headed in their own direction, In the big picture of the Universe, all is interconnected, including humankind and the natural world.

The 5th card in Tarot is the Hierophant, but the energy of 5 can be seen more in its reverse meaning than in its upright position. Rather than vibrating with the energy of comforting traditions and institutions, the reversed meaning of the card – a social renegade – is a bit more in the spirit of the number 5, who has a mind of its own, and rebels against dogmas and ideologies of any kind. A Tarot card more closely aligned to a 5 vibration is The Chariot, who’s ready to charge forth and take you to new places and aspirations.

When 5’s appear in dreams, they signify adventure, life change and freedom. Within Numerology, 5’s are at the inflection point of the cardinal numbers 1-9. There are 4 numbers before it, and 4 numbers after it. 5 can also be said to represent free will.

Spiritual Meaning of Number 5

In spiritual terms, 5 is a manifestation of the goodness and grace of God. There are five books in the Torah: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. In Genesis, it is told that on the 5th day, god created creatures that live in the sea and creatures that fly – a manifestation of 5’s dynamic movement through the elements, carried along by the spirit of the Divine.

Personality of Number 5

Those with the number 5 in their numerology adapt easily to new situations and embrace change and transformation. 5 energy confers tolerance and openness to new people, ideas and experiences, and 5’s are drawn to people who are marginalized by the mainstream. 5’s are sociable and help people feel comfortable and accepted. They’re bored with convention and routine and tend to have so many talents and interests they may not take the time to stick to any one thing long enough to really excel at it.

For this reason, the life lessons for 5’s are about discipline and commitment. 5’s hesitate to commit to anything they fear will tie them down, and they may succumb to addictive behaviors if they feel too boxed in. Because a 5 tends to trust that the Universe will guide and provide, a 5 can fail to adequately make plans for the future, and procrastinate in the present, especially if something more interesting becomes a distraction.

Compatibility of Number 5

The Fun-Loving Number 5 will opt for a spontaneous whisk over a candlelight dinner, and adventure travel over a guided tour or heaven forbid, a confining cruise ship. As a lover, a 5 will want to make love anywhere and everywhere. Although restless in a committed relationship, a 5 is a loyal partner, but if a relationship has not reached that point, all bets are off.

In terms of relationship compatibility, 5’s find harmony with life path numbers 1, 3 and 7. If you resonate with a 5 energy, you’ll admire a 1 for their courage and bravery, though you may chafe at their desire to be in charge. The playful creativity of a 3 will appeal to your sense of spontaneity and provide a shared foundation of friendship upon which to build a romantic relationship, but together you may reinforce one another’s distractibility and unreliability. A partnership with a 7 offers a balance of intimacy and independence, as both numbers need their alone time, and compliment one another’s strengths and weaknesses.

Career Path of Number 5

Although smart and capable, Number 5’s take longer than most to find a career, or their career path may have so many twists and turns that their climb up a ladder may come later, or not at all. 5’s need stimulation and can’t tolerate repetitive tasks that don’t offer autonomy, challenge and change. For this reason 5’s may chose to be self-employed, or piece together their sources of income. Or they may gravitate towards careers that offer adrenaline rushes – pilot, ER doctor, crisis workers – or careers that allow them to travel the world.

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