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Number 11

Numerology Number 11

Innovator, Decisive, Charismatic, Overachiever, Giver, Sensitive, Intuitive, Wise

Numerology Number 11 Meaning

Numerology Master Number 11 vibrates with inspirational, powerful energy that connects the subconscious and the supernatural. Highly intuitive, decisive, and charismatic, the number 11 is the number of seers and psychics. Its energy extends beyond the sum of its parts, made up of a double 1, and a reduction to 2. The double 1’s are powerful and formidable guardians of the subconscious world of prophetic dreams and visions, while the 2 has caring, healing energy that seeks to apply the lessons of the spirit world to help others.

Master number 11 is ruled by the planet Uranus and aligns with justice-seeking Libra. Healing crystals that resonate with 11 energy include tigers eye, and the master healer, clear quartz.

Symbolic Meaning of Number 11

Made up of the energetic qualities of 1 and 2, balancing the sun and the moon, and the leadership qualities of the Magician with the intuitive qualities of The High Priestess. In Tarot, the number 11 is represented by the Strength Card or the Enchantress. The Strength card signifies that inner strength and fortitude is required to master the high level of vibration conferred by this master number. The journey from High Priestess to Enchantress represents success in learning to master these powerful energies.

Spiritual Meaning of Number 11

Master number 11 elevates the 2’s desire for connection with the power of its double 1’s, creating a direct line to Source. In this way, 11 is seen as a highly spiritual number and is frequently described as a “Spiritual Messenger.” The spiritual task for an 11 is to tap into Source and bring Divine light to others.

As an Angel Number, 11 represents spiritual awakening.

Personality of Number 11

If you have the number 11 in your chart, you’re thought of as a giver, an innovator, and quite likely, as an overachiever. You’re highly sensitive and wise beyond your years. Number 11s are great partners and friends, who have likely had to deal with a lot early in life. As Indigo children and old souls, number 11’s often feel like they don’t belong, and children who have psychic experiences early in life often hide their experiences and carry scars of disapproval into adulthood.

Consequently, 11’s can be late bloomers, rediscovering their intuitive gifts as they put the pieces back together into a full understanding of their birthright. Their hyper-sensitivity takes time and discipline to master, and 11’s often learn their lessons through hardship and trial. If they can learn to take each experience as a spiritual gift, they can develop the faith and fortitude required for spiritual evolution. Do not be afraid to follow your intuition.

Compatibility of Number 11

An 11 longs for a soul mate, an intuitive partner who understands what they are experiencing and gives them the freedom to explore and develop, while offering consistency and routine at home. Due to their high degree of sensitivity, an 11 can’t tolerate dishonesty, stonewalling, or fiery personalities. An 11 offers the opportunity for a deeply connected, faithful and honest relationship. 11’s are devoted lovers who create emotional safety, enabling a willing partner to open up and share their secrets. It takes a bit longer for 11’s to open up, which is why speaking with a psychic about relationship choices can be so valuable.

In terms of compatibility, 11’s pair well with 2’s, because you speak the same language and see the world in similar ways. Together, you’ll form a steady and stable partnership that has a firm foundation of friendship and companionship.

Career Path of Number 11

As mystics and visionaries guided by a desire to help people and bring light to the world, 11’s are not particularly career-driven (or good with money). Instead, they’re dawn to esoteric, artistic and altruistic pursuits, especially if they can find a way to translate cosmic messages into art, music or mystical teachings.

Using your spiritual gifts to guide people to a better life could take the form of art therapy, religious counseling, teaching and childcare, or psychiatry. Because you carry the energy of 1’s and 2’s, you may be drawn to fields like international relations and mediation. You could also find fulfillment as a psychic.