Self-Compassion for Spiritual Women

Date 11/29/2023
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What mantras do you use to help boost your confidence?

What mantras do you use to help boost your confidence?

Everyone struggles from time to time with insecurity. The context may shift, be it familial, professional, or romantic, but the energy is the same. Someone’s careless words, thoughtless action or demeaning criticism and you start to doubt everything about yourself! No matter how feelings of insecurity or lack of self-love are triggered they can cause deep pain. The good news? They can be healed through simple, mindful self-compassion practices that can easily become part of your day-to-day life.

Mantras and Affirmations for Self-Love and Inner Peace

Mantras and affirmations are a great way to give yourself a boost of confidence throughout the day. As you shower, make breakfast, or commute you can repeat simple phrases to yourself in your head or aloud, to rewire your brain to be more confident. Here are a few to get you started:

“I am worthy, I am enough, my gifts are abundant”

“I do not need to earn my place in the world, being myself is enough”

“I choose to love myself because I am deserving of love”

Whenever you notice a self-deprecating thought pop up, be sure to jot down a positive response, these responses can become powerful mantras!

Keep a Gratitude Journal

A gratitude journal is another simple practice that doesn’t take a lot of time but can have a great impact. To boost to your self-compassion write down what you are grateful for about yourself. You can write down things that are spiritual and deep like, “I am deeply connected to spirit”, things about how you relate to others “I am a caring friend and partner”, or things that you appreciate in the day to day, “I always keep my car tidy” or “I accomplish my tasks in a timely manner”.

Three Healing Crystals

Crystals emit a healing energy that help boost confidence and feelings of self-compassion. I suggest the following healing crystals for self-love and personal growth:


Use citrine for a more positive outlook, to get in touch with feelings of self-worth, personal power and confidence.

Rose Quartz

Try rose quartz to promote feelings of love, compassion and forgiveness within yourself. Rose quartz also helps soothe anxiety that can accompany feelings of insecurity.


Amethyst helps you to know yourself better, and I’ll let you in on a secret, to known you is to love you! Emitting a powerful energy that boosts self-confidence, amethyst also helps sooth anxiety and feelings of sadness.

The above crystals can be safely used in a drinkable elixir, there are some trendy water bottles with crystals in them, but crystal elixirs do the same thing for a margin of the price.


You can also make a crystal elixir, add some essential oils and use the mixture as an air freshener or body spray. Try adding Jasmine, lavender or sage oil, they smell great, soothe anxiety and help boost feelings of self-compassion, self-acceptance and confidence.

Learning to love yourself is a journey, things won’t change overnight, don’t beat yourself up for that. The very act of trying to love yourself is a healing step along the path to self-worth.

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Tallis is an intuitive reader and spiritual life coach that came to this lifetime with a mission to healing and uplift. She comes from a long line of gifted women who nurtured her gifts since birth, enabling Tallis to provide tarot readings, spiritual guidance, dream interpretation, and Reiki healing in a compassionate, non-judgmental manner for almost 20 years. Tallis is a professional spiritualist and a passionate student of life! She has a degree in Psychology, Reiki Master and Crystal Healing certifications.


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PreciousKT: Great article. Prior to reading it, I'd never heard of crystal elixirs. What an awesome idea since one cannot always wear the crystals on them.

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