Stop Believing These 4 Harmful Thoughts About Your Anxiety

Date 7/20/2020
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Anxiety involves much more than just feeling anxious

Anxiety involves much more than just feeling anxious

Those who deal with anxiety on a regular basis know that it’s much more than just feeling anxious all the time. When you have anxiety, you feel a constant sense of apprehension, engage in compulsive behavior, and even suffer panic attacks. Enduring anxiety can also mean an endless cycle of uneasy and negative thoughts that can be difficult to break.

One of the most helpful ways to manage your anxiety is to gain a better understanding of this disorder and put an end to your worried thinking. Stop believing these four things about your anxiety.

It’s All in My Head

Not only is this one of the most hurtful things you can say to an anxiety sufferer, but it’s also untrue. Anxiety is more than just an unhealthy thought pattern. It’s also a nervous system issue that can affect your entire body. In fact, anyone who has endured an anxiety attack has likely experienced an increased heart rate, a rush of hormones, and a feeling of tenseness.

Acknowledging the connection between your mind and your body can be the first step toward dealing with anxiety. Adopting healthy practices like yoga can also help to calm and ground you physically while deepening the link between mind and body.

I Can Control My Thoughts

For longtime anxiety sufferers, one of the most damaging ideas is the persistent idea that they should have better control over their thoughts. In fact, some people try to suppress negative thoughts, only to find that trying to stop them can be more harmful than letting them run their course.

Rather than focusing on control, many experts recommend redirecting thoughts or using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy instead. A psychic chat online or a casual talk with a supportive friend can help you unweave the threads of your thoughts and understand what’s prompting you to think negatively. Once you know where they’re coming from, you may be able to identify negative thoughts when they first appear and redirect them in a positive direction.

I Should Let My Anxiety Motivate Me

Even if you think you work best under pressure, you should never try to encourage anxiety or justify this disorder by placing it in a positive light. Since anxiety prompts both mental and physical symptoms, it isn’t something you should encourage.

In addition, anxiety can be unpredictable. Fearful thoughts might prompt you to complete a task more quickly some of the time, but other times, they may prevent you from completing the task at all. The next time you feel an anxiety attack approaching, try to step back and manage your reactions instead of embracing the stress and trying to do more.

It’s Best for Me to Avoid Stressful Situations Altogether

Some anxiety sufferers make a point of avoiding situations that they know will trigger unpleasant thoughts or even a panic attack. Rather than making you feel better, however, you’re likely to find that avoiding types situations can make you feel isolated and unable to deal with anything unexpected. Rather than simply avoiding, work with an adviser to develop a personalized strategy that works for you.

Remember that you don’t have to handle your anxiety alone. Talk with a trusted friend or get a psychic reading to secure the support you need as you work through your negative thoughts.


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