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Date 11/20/2020
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Add some lavender to your home if you need help relaxing.

Add some lavender to your home if you need help relaxing.

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Since we have all been spending more time in our homes than ever before, there is a good way to enhance this experience. By organizing our spaces to stimulate the energies within, we can create truly empowering areas!

A good first step would be cleansing your space. And if you haven’t already done this from the first lockdown earlier this year, perhaps now is a good time to start. We all know, sometimes without really knowing, that an organized home equals a well-oiled life, while a cluttered space gives up nothing but chaos. A good basic rule-of-thumb is to throw away or recycle anything that you haven’t used in a year’s time. Besides decluttering, you’ll want to clean everything as well. If you truly want to do it the magical way, try using a broom in each room to remove any dust that is creating clutter. Follow that up with a good smudging and you’re done. 

Start with a Plan

Now comes the perhaps more interesting part: Make a plan. Integrate both the practical with the magical. As with any good creative project, you need an outline for the most expedient path of accomplishment. Think: How do I really want my home to work? What are my primary goals? Better sleep? More productive at-home work? Or, perhaps just more good relaxation.

Make it Your Own

Follow up is easy once you know your goals. For instance, if more relaxing and deep sleep is your goal, make sure the bedroom is isolated away from the noisy hub of the home. Fill the area with darker colors. Use blues and purples and lavenders. Create sachets from aromatic herbs such as rosemary, peppermint and lavender to enhance your dreams. Put up pictures that induce relaxation. For example, an illustrated book of calming verse or pictures on the wall that depict soothing nature scenes will help promote calm. Make all this, of course, particular to your taste: the colors you enjoy, the season of your choice, the verse you love, etc. Once you set the scene, put some magic into it with incense. Circle the room in a clockwise fashion while stating the wish you want to accomplish. Stop at each corner of the room, visualize and thank your angels.

Take Your Time

Then take a moment to walk away. When you come back into the space evaluate if it has the feeling you want. Did you create the correct vibration? If you feel unsettled at all, enhance the space. Take your time. No need to rush.

Enlist Others to Send Energy

In special times of crisis (like currently with the pandemic), we might choose to add some more “zest” into our housecleaning by incorporating magic in a more positive and straight-forward way. For instance, it’s always good to enlist more people in the energy sending. But if you can’t do that in person, given the stipulations of this current pandemic, you can do this via computer or phone. Be creative. Take your cohorts with you via phone as you circle your property or inside your apartment. 

Here’s an example: Use protection mixtures such as sea salts, basil, rosemary or even peppermint. These will help protect your living abode. You can put the dried herbs in a sachet and circle your property. Set an intent first, add some crystals for protection (black tourmaline, labradorite and spirit quartz, also known as cactus quartz or fairy quartz) are good. Create a strong incantation and begin circling. It is a good idea to stop at the four corners to state your intentions. Example: “This home and those that reside within are now protected from all harm whether intentional or unintentional, man-made or otherwise, natural or unnatural. To harm none. For the good of all.”

Another idea is to sprinkle protective herbs into the water you use for mopping your floors or washing your windows. You could also soak some herbs in water overnight then simply sprinkle them on your broom as you sweep out the negative energies.

An Organized Home Creates Positive Changes

Above all know that an organized home allows energies to flow. In other words, things in your life will go more smoothly. You’ll make appointments on time, pay bills on time, and most likely sleep better. When you send any energy out, it will flow more quickly and successfully to your higher good because it will be coming from a clean and organized place. Organizing your home reinforces the idea that you are creating positive change. Bottom line, life will flow better and that will make you and yours happier.

How do you intend to make your home more magical? Drop a comment below, maybe your ideas will inspire others, and even me too!


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