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Published Date 5/19/2017
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Need an energy boost? Take a walk!

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Low energy levels can be crushing. A lack of physical energy isn’t always depression or other physical illness. Low physical energy affects our mental or spiritual energies, so it’s crucial you check the following items off your list if you’re serious about getting up and moving. If you are lethargic or sluggish it’s a smart idea to start by doing everything you can naturally, to increase your physical stamina. In addition to doing everything you can to boost your energy physically, the final step is to exercise your mind, spiritually.

Below are several surefire ways to increase your physical energy, naturally.

Determining the Cause of a Lack of Physical Energy 
Before reading any further, this is important. Always consult a medical doctor if you are sluggish or run down. There may be a physical reason you are tired. If there’s no apparent reason for your lack of energy, then you can pare it down to lack of spiritual energy or underutilizing surefire energy boosters that will help you naturally put a pep in your step.

To stay happy, healthy, with an abundance of energy there are some things you can try that you may never have thought about.

4 Surefire Energy Boosters

1) Drinking water is preached every day, but did you know it actually increases your energy? It doesn’t just fill you up and replenish nutrients. In an energizing way, water oxygenates the blood which is a natural energy booster. 

2) Walking also oxygenates the blood. I know, I know. If you’re feeling physically tired, it may take a truck pulley to get you up off the couch, but do it. When you force yourself to move, even a little at a time, you really do feel better and are able to add more time to your daily regimen with less effort. 

3) Less caffeine and more magnesium. One of the main reasons magnesium is energizing is its role with ATP as MgATP. It’s a subject all its own, but take it from me, magnesium is truly more energizing and thought to be a better choice than coffee. 

4) Don’t be a hermit, plan at least one 2 hour outing per week or more to stimulate your mind which in turn increases your energy level. Put work and anything stressful out of your mind when out and about. Enjoy nature and defragment your thoughts and you’ll enjoy better mind control. It will help you in everything you do, including planning, regeneration and your physical energy will, not just increase but be abundant.

Spiritual Exercises to Increase Physical Energy
When your energy is increased stress lessons and it’s a win-win all around. Less stress, in turn increases physical energy. Do you see the big picture now? You can increase your physical energy by drinking more water, walking, increasing or balancing your magnesium levels and by getting out and about so that you can defragment your busy brain. Thinking too much is a sure-fire energy thief. Don't overlook a single step here and you will find more energy. 

If you would like to speak with someone who understands intimately how our energy levels can sky-rocket, please consider a psychic advisor, here at Psychic Source.

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Radish: Oh Mackenzie you are wonderful. Sorry I ran out of $. I will take your words to heart.Goddess/God blessings.

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