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Published Date 5/27/2020
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Chose to thrive and not just survive!

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We all have a wide range of hopes and dreams. When we get specific about what we want, define our goals with clarity, and identify focused action steps, we can reach these goals and exceed our own aspirations. 

We also have our own personal and family challenges, plus other obstacles beyond our control. However, you can choose to Thrive in this world, rather than just survive, by making a few key decisions and following through until the end.

Let me share with you some pivotal steps to accomplish virtually any goal. 

1) What are you feeding your mind?

The power of the mind is amazing. If you believe you can do something (or believe you cannot) you are correct. We each have a small voice in our head that repeats messages over and over and over. What are you telling yourself?

2) What are you feeding your body?

Are you being mindful of what you feed your body? If you owned an expensive race car or a thoroughbred racehorse, how would you treat it? You are much more valuable than either of those, how are you feeding you?  

3) What are you feeding your spirit?

This very important step can often slip by or be side-stepped a bit easier than the others, at least in the beginning. We are complex and intricate beings, made up of many interconnected pieces. The inspired quiet voice inside is the one we might miss or not trust when we are too busy with daily life. It is this quiet voice, an inner knowing, that is our best guiding light. 

To enhance this ability, carve out some quiet time for you on a regular basis. Better yet, schedule time for it. 

Other ideas to consider: 

Dial down your busy schedule.

Relax in nature.

Play with your favorite animal.

Make sure you are getting enough deep and restful sleep every night… it makes a big difference!

With all three parts of your personal human in alignment, you can do virtually anything. 

~ Create the Life you Desire! 

Izzy x9366 

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