Recovery is a Process

Date 10/19/2022
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Discover your personal source of light!

Discover your personal source of light!

In one way or another, we are all recovering from something, whether it is an addiction, a broken bone, or a relationship. The one thing that all recoveries have in common is the fact that is a process.

Pay close attention to the next three statements, they are important:

  • Temporary solutions and skipping steps to get ahead, won't lead to a full recovery.
  • No matter how badly we want to recover overnight, going through the emotional healing process and the journey, is just as important as the end goal.
  • We ALWAYS learn something, nothing is ever a loss. 
We all have our own ways of grieving and coming to terms with what is going on around us.

Tips For Those on the Road of Discovery, Trauma, Recovery, and Victimization

* Everything you feel is valid.
 The first stop on the road to recovery is accepting that there is something to recover from.

* Baby steps.
 Be gentle with yourself on the days you need to be. No one expects you to be a superhero. There is NO time frame for recovery. We all adjust differently.

* Do not be afraid to ask for help. 
Build yourself a solid support system. 

* Listen to yourself. 
 Whether your recovery is emotional, mental or physical it is important to listen to the signals that your body or mind is trying to send you.

* Do not manifest your fears.
 Recovery is a learning process, whether you are learning how to walk, how to love, or how to hold your head up high with confidence. Everything worthwhile is created through a process.

Remember - Thomas Edison did not invent the lightbulb in one night, so why would your personal source of light be any different?

Don't Be Afraid to Fall Down

We want you to take the time to work on yourself. To take EVERY opportunity to learn. We want you to stop pretending that everything is OK so that we can get you working on closing old doors and opening new ones.

Before you teach yourself how to walk again, you must learn how to stand on your own two feet. You must learn how to step over obstacles that might get in your way without falling back down. Eventually, you’ll learn how to run or even dance. But even when you’re dancing, never let yourself forget how you taught yourself to stand back up.

At Psychic Source, our space is always safe, empowering and non-judgmental. If you need support on this topic or any guidance, please free to reach out our gifted Psychic Advisors. We would love to connect with you!

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