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My First Experience as a Psychic Medium by Psychic Angelica

Date 10/28/2020
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"Lighten up mom, I will be fine."

"Lighten up mom, I will be fine."

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I am delighted to share one of my experiences as a Psychic Reader. I have never listed Mediumship as one of my specialties, however, over the past four decades, I've had encounters with the family members of clients who had some special messages for me to deliver. 

In the early 1980s, I gave Tarot readings at a local metaphysical bookstore. I will never forget the first time I had someone cross over into one of my readings. This experience greatly impacted my life and the life of my client. A woman in her early forties came into the store and walked over to where I was seated. She asked if I did psychic readings, and I, of course, told her yes.

That Has Never Happened Before

I asked whether she had ever had a tarot reading before and if she had any questions. Her answer to both was a no with a blank stare. Once I turned the cards over and laid them out in formation, with my mind’s eye I saw a hand sweep the cards off the table. That had definitely never happened to me before.  Right away I felt a presence. I knew it was masculine and I knew I could not read those cards. I kept looking at the cards on the table, yet nothing came to me. Nothing! I was like OMG. Now what? I breathed and called in Spirit.

I told the woman that I could not read her cards today and that she could come back another time for an actual Tarot reading, on me. But truthfully, I did have a message for her. As the words, images and visions came through, I was seriously in shock. I wondered how I could share these messages, as they were extremely person and so exact. If these messages did not fit, she would think I was crazy. I took a deep breath and spoke. The first words out of my mouth were, "do you have a son that was killed in a car accident?" She went completely white and looked at me and said, "yes." I asked, "was he a trickster?" That word simply never came out of my mouth before. She smiled, and said his nickname was "Tricky Nick," as he loved to play tricks on his younger brothers and sister. I felt him telling me to tell her to lighten up. The exact words were, "lighten up mom. lighten up!" As I shared this with her, she began to weep.

She told me that the night of the accident he came into the kitchen to let her know he was going to hang out with some of his friends and she had told him to drive safely and not to stay out to late. His response was “Lighten up mom, I will be fine.”

Making Peace with the Past

I remember holding her hands and looking deeply in her eyes and feeling so many goose bumps on my arms and legs. Tears ran down both of our faces. The last message Nick gave her was to make peace with his passing, that he was fine, and it was vital for her to start living again and to be present with his brothers, sister and dad. As she left, she hugged me and told me thank you, and she was at peace. As always, my reply was "All glory to God, I am simply the messenger."

Blessings and gratitude,



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