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How Do I Know a Spirit Is Trying to Communicate With Me?

Date 6/25/2024

Butterflies are a common sign of a spirit trying to communicate with you.

Butterflies are a common sign of a spirit trying to communicate with you.

Have you ever had the nagging feeling that a deceased friend or relative was trying to communicate with you? Spirits may try to reach out from the other side with important messages from time to time. Here are a few ways you can tell if someone is trying to communicate with you.

You Notice Recurring Symbols

Spirits will often try to catch your attention through meaningful symbols. You might see a particular number appear repeatedly, hear a song unusually often, or find a clock stopped at a meaningful time. These clues typically point to someone that you were familiar with and let you know that a friend or family member is trying to contact you from the other side.

You Hear Unusual Sounds

Have your ears been ringing? Perhaps you notice a low buzzing that seems to follow you. Claps, whispers, bangs, and other unusual noises may accompany spirit activity as well. If you're noticing strange sounds on a persistent basis, there may be an important message you need to listen for as well. A psychic medium reading can help you make sense of the noise.

Orbs Appear in Photos

Spirits can appear as unexpected orbs in photos. If you see these small round spots when you're taking pictures, it can indicate that a spirit was present at the time. Pay attention to when and where the orbs occur, as this may give you an idea of who is trying to contact you. 

You Have a Sense of Being Watched

If a spirit is lingering near you, you may have the sense of being watched. That uncomfortable feeling that someone is looking at you could indicate that a spirit is trying to get your attention. Spirits may share other sensations and feelings as well, particularly if you're empathic. If you experience unexplained and sudden emotions, a paranormal entity may be the cause.

Meaningful Animals Show Up

Butterflies are a common symbol of comfort from someone who has passed. These transformative creatures are symbolic of the transformation from the plane of the living to what lies beyond. Other animals can convey spiritual messages as well, particularly if the deceased had an important connection with them. Watch for special creatures that could be a sign from the other side.

You See Figures Out of the Corner of Your Eye

While it's difficult for most people to see spirits head on, we can often sense them subconsciously. If you see someone out of the corner of your eye who isn't there when you turn to look at them, this may be a spirit who is waiting patiently to connect with you. An authentic psychic reading may help.

If you sense that a spirit is reaching out to you, try meditating or speaking with a medium to find out what they have to say. Once you've received the message, the spirit's activity will likely cease.


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