How to Celebrate All Souls' Day/Day of the Dead

Published Date 10/31/2020
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Creating an altar at home allows you to celebrate and honor the lives of departed loved ones.

The veil between worlds is at its thinnest on All Souls' Day and Day of the Dead. However you approach religious tradition, you can use these days to foster a deep connection with loved ones who have departed this realm. Here's how to honor your ancestors and departed loved ones.

Background of the Holidays

While All Souls' Day originated in the Catholic Church, Day of the Dead celebrations have roots in indigenous, pre-Christian culture. These days are kept sacred for the remembrance of loved ones who have passed away. You may also know Day of the Dead as Día de los Muertos, a series of three days when Mexicans and Mexican Americans gather in homes and cemeteries to remember departed loved ones. The final day of this celebration, November 2, coincides with All Souls' Day.

Similarities and Differences Between All Souls' Day and Day of the Dead

Both All Souls' Day and Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, recognize the fragility of life while remembering loved ones. At the same time, these holidays inspire those who observe them to celebrate life instead of fearing death. While those celebrating All Souls' Day pray for "all the faithful departed," Día de los Muertos welcomes loved ones who have departed this realm for an annual family visit.

How to Celebrate Your Departed Loved Ones

No matter your religious background or traditions, you can use these holidays as a way to honor your ancestors and departed loved ones. The veil between the worlds is at its thinnest on this day. You can even connect with a video psychic to deepen your link to departed loved ones.

In addition to prayer, many cultures visit the graves of loved ones or light incense. Día de los Muertos calls for celebratory foods such as pan de muerto and candied pumpkin as well as altars in the home decorated with marigolds. Parties, including dancing and costumes, are common.

Preparing for Your Own Celebration

These special days are a time for remembering and honoring the souls of loved ones who have departed. Rituals like decorating a home altar with photographs, incense, candles, and offerings to departed loved ones can serve as a central focus place for remembering the lives your loved ones led.

You can also prepare favorites foods and tell stories with others about those who have left this realm. Speaking with an online psychic can provide an additional means of connection with deceased love ones. However you choose to celebrate them, you can feel the presence of departed loved ones around you while thinking about the impact they made on your own life.

Traditional celebrations of All Souls' Day and Day of the Dead are ways to remember loved ones who have passed from this world. Use these holidays to inspire your own way of honoring departed family members


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