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4 Tips on Removing Lingering Spirits From Your Home

Date 10/31/2015

Help the spirits in your home find peace

Help the spirits in your home find peace

If you’ve ever felt like you’re never truly home alone, you may be sharing your home with spirits. Whether they’re compassionate or unscrupulous spirits, you can take steps to set them free. Try these methods to remove spirits from your home.

Clean Your House

Start your home’s spiritual cleanse by removing all the items that might hide spirits and other energy forces. From unread mail to unused furniture to clothing you no longer wear, gather your clutter together and donate or sell off your extra belongings. Many people believe that spirits thrive on disorganization, so it’s best to do this regularly.

Next, use a little elbow grease to clean your home from the basement to the attic. Sweep, dust, and vacuum every nook and cranny to cleanse even the most forgotten places. If the weather is nice, open your windows to invite fresh air inside.

Drive Out Spirits With Smudging

Once you’ve cleaned your home, you can try some different ways to truly banish the spirits. Smudging is one of the most common methods, and it has the added benefit of making your home smell nice. To do this, you’ll need a smudge stick, or a bundle of dried sage. Light the smudge stick where you typically feel the strongest spiritual presence, and let the fumes drive out the spirits. Carry the lit smudge stick from room to room to cleanse a larger area.

Bless Your Home With Water or Oil

You may already be familiar with holy water from church or other religious ceremonies, and you can apply this concept to blessed water in your home. Use water consecrated by clergy, or bless your own water or oil for this purpose. Apply your own unique blessing or prayer to a vial of water or clove oil, consulting with a live psychic for the right words if necessary. If using water, sprinkle it in areas affected by spirits. If using oil, trace a symbol that has religious significance to you on your home’s entrances to keep spirits out.

Protect Your Home With Sea Salt

If blessing doesn’t have the desired effect, take additional action to protect your home. Sea salt is one of the oldest materials used to drive out unwanted spirits, and due to its ocean origin, it’s thought to bear ancient powers. You can use salt in one or two ways. First, drive out the spirits by tossing salt in the most affected areas of your home. Verbally demand that the spirits leave as you throw handfuls of salt. Second, encourage long-term protection by placing rocks or granules of salt across all doors, windows, and other entrances to your home. When you construct this barrier and make it clear that the spirits aren’t welcome, they’re likely to leave without returning.

These methods can help draw out unwanted spirits, but sometimes it’s worth hearing what they have to say. A psychic medium can help you learn to communicate with the spirits around you and better understand their presence.


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