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Rituals and Traditions to Connect with Ancestors by Psychic Sapphire

Date 10/31/2022
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"Rituals are something we view as external actions, to mark a rite of passage or honor the spirits of our ancestors. In truth, it is the soul’s ancient calling to remind us we are known by all that is. We are the old souls contained in the memory of our DNA.”  - Psychic Sapphire

Connecting with Ancestors

Discovering the Spirits of our Ancestors

No one comes to earth with a clean slate. Our DNA carries eons of memory from the past. From age to age we travel through portals and lifetimes. Our DNA is the container that holds our Akashic records. 

Becoming human is a unique experience. As we pass through the stargate (womb) a collective amnesia transpires. Many of us spend our lifetime trying to remember our true origins. The most common way we try to spark our Divine memory is through rituals. When we participate in rituals, our DNA is activated. We “feel” or “know” there is more to us than meets the eye. In fact, there are generations upon generations of ancestors just waiting to speak to us through DNA activation. We see evidence of this activation when quirky characteristics pop up randomly in family members.

Take psychic gifts for example. They may not show up for several generations then suddenly a child is describing features or activities of ancestors they barely know.

We recently witnessed this in our own family when the only girl of nine grandchildren suddenly started collecting keys. When her mother asked why, she said “Mamo Riley likes them.”

Not only did this little lass use the language of her fourth great-grandmother; she called her out by name. A woman long forgotten by our family yet activated through the child’s cell memory. We realized this ancestor was speaking through the last womb of her wombs. The keys were just the tipping point, and we now have a very gifted medium in the family thanks to Mamo Riley!

The spirits of our ancestors are always trying to connect with us. Even though we may know nothing about them, our higher self intuitively knows them. Rituals and meditations are common ways we learn about our ancestors and learn how to connect with them at a deeper level. 

Each generation offers unique perspectives on ways to connect with ancient souls. Some by religious teachings, others through cultural traditions. No matter what belief system each generation adopts, one thing is for certain: rituals are hardwired in our DNA and the most common way we honor the ancientness of our being.

Day of the Dead Ritual

Rituals are Important to the Human Experience

According to Wikipedia, rituals are part of all human societies

While many of us in the western world have adapted to mainstream rituals through religious rites such as baptism, marriage, or funerals; Indigenous cultures around the globe have remained true to the deeper mysticism rituals invoke.

These ancient cultures have not lost their sense of tradition and the reasons why these traditions are so important. 

  • In Lakota tradition, “wisdom is the gift of ritual”.
  • In Celtic tradition, Beltane is an important ritual to honor nature spirits.
  • In Spanish and Mexican traditions, Day of the Dead or Día de los Muertos is an important ritual honoring loved ones who have passed.

How Do I Connect to My Ancestors?

The best way is to choose a ritual that speaks to you. Día de los Muertos traditions are intricately linked to the rituals of Samhain (Celtic), All Hallows Eve (Christian), All Souls' Day (Catholic), and in Mayan tradition Hanal Pixan or Food for the Souls. Hindu and other Southeast Asian cultures also share similar rituals.

Most rituals hold true to the ancient tradition of building altars. Altars that honor the nature spirits, deceased loved ones, deities, and ancestors. Some altars are simple, others are elaborately decorated with flowers, candles, incense, sweets, pictures, or any other item that might be considered a pleasing offering.

We all pay homage in diverse ways. The basic principle in any ritual is to acknowledge there is something mystical and magical about life that is beyond our human comprehension. 

A ritual helps us expand our consciousness and dive deep into the great unknown. This naturally activates cell memory. A spark that awakens our DNA memory. The ancestors really come alive when that happens. It is the wake-up call they’ve been waiting to receive.

Through ritual our Akashic DNA is activated and ready to help us access the lifetimes found in our genealogy. A reminder we all come from Source, and we are the expression of Source in human form. It gives us a pedigree of sorts. One that affirm we are of Divine origins. The same pedigree established in Matthew chapter 1 as he chronicled the genealogy of Jesus. 

These ancient beginnings resonate with our ancestors and speak to us through cell memory, dreams, meditation, and intuition. By acknowledging and honoring them, we access higher consciousness.

An effortless way to connect with your ancestors or any other spiritual helper is to just acknowledge their presence in your life. Thank them for their support. After all, your very existence rests on their shoulders. Ask them how to draw closer to them and be prepared to act on their instructions.

Day of the Dead Alter

Rituals to Honor the Ancestors

If you are connected to a faith group or have cultural traditions, start there. Honor and participate in holy days such as Day of the Dead traditions or All Souls' Day. Try to do so on a consistent basis. If you’re already part of an established order, this is the best way to honor them.

For those who are just learning about ancestor spirits, Pixar’s Coco, is a cute, animated movie that explains in very basic terms how and why certain cultures honor the dead. 

If you are a solitary practitioner, then set up a small altar inside your home or garden area. This does not have to be large or elaborate. As long as it helps you visually connect in a way that has meaning to you.

I have several altars set up in my home. One for daily use and others for special occasions. I tend to be more elaborate on special occasions. On these days I add more to my altars such as flowers, money, scented candles, sweets, and of course incense, which is a staple for me. And speaking of incense…

Burning Incense

What is the Best Incense for Connecting with My Ancestors?

Again, this is a very personal decision, and you must trust your own intuition when it comes to connecting with your ancestors. If a type of incense pops in your head, trust it is your ancestors speaking to you through cell memory. 

If you’re just new to all of this, there are generic scents that connect to the spirit world. Frankincense and myrrh will clear out the space of any negative energies, as will sage and palo santo. Lemongrass seems to really wake up the dead and open the third eye. Cedar, sweetgrass and tobacco are other indigenous favorites. 

Connecting with Ancestors

How Do I Connect Spiritually to my Ancestors?

Once you decide on the type of ritual you would like to perform, it’s time to put everything in motion.

Think of ritual preparation as event planning a nice calm, relaxing, spiritual event. 

  1. Prepare your mind and body. Take a cleansing bath or shower. Anoint yourself with some pleasant oils or lotions. Be mindful. You are preparing to meet some incredibly special helpers.
  2. Prepare your altar. Hopefully it’s clean and well positioned. Think in terms of where you would like to sit if dining with special friends. Is the setting pleasing to the eye? Does it look inviting? You want to “invite” your ancestors to join you. Make your altar as welcoming as possible.
  3. Light your incense and/or candle. Focus on your cells and DNA. The building blocks of life. Recite a prayer or spend a few minutes in meditation. Feel the Akashic records opening and connecting with all the knowledge they hold inside. They are full of spiritual intelligence and intuitively know how to connect with what you are seeking. Remember your ancestors are not outside of you but within you. The connection occurs through DNA activation.

In closing, rituals will always be with us. They help us connect to the unending cycle of life that is expressed through every aspect of creation: past, present, and future. 

In these human rituals we honor the dead, the nature spirits, and the ancient ones that bind us all together and keep Akashic records alive. Rituals remind us we are connected to all that is. They remind us that we are the embodiment of all that has come before and all that will ever be. Yet here we are living in the present moment with this powerful gift. We are all old souls and the act of performing rituals connects us to this Divine wisdom.

What a spectacular revelation!



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