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Spirits in October: Are They Really More Active?

Date 4/4/2024

Do you notice a heightened sense of strange spirit activity around October?

Do you notice a heightened sense of strange spirit activity around October?

There are many signs of spooks and spirits in October as stores prepare for the popular Halloween holiday and children pick out creepy costumes to celebrate. Is there more to it than commercialized ghosts? Looking back through various traditions, you can see that there is certainly some evidence to back up the idea that spirits are closer to us in the month of October.

The Thinning of the Veil

Spiritual traditions from varying faiths tell us that the veil between the worlds of the living and dead is thinnest in October. This period where spirits can pass more easily into our realm is said to last from about Oct. 8 through Nov. 11. Evidence of this thinning of the veil is seen in the practices and traditions of many different groups. Speaking with an authentic psychic, you will likely find that those who are sensitive to such changes do notice something different in the air in October.

Spirits and Samhain

Samhain is a Celtic holiday observed by pagan faiths between Oct. 31 and Nov. 1. It has long been believed that the veil between the living and dead is thinnest during these particular nights. Celebrants would often wear masks and costumes so that harmful spirits wouldn't recognize them. They prepared food for both the living and the dead. This ancient belief in the thinning of the veil around the end of October is seen in other traditions as well.

The Day of the Dead

The American construct of Halloween coincides closely with the Mexican Day of the Dead. Though El Dia de los Muertos takes place on Nov. 2, celebrations usually begin two days prior. Celebrants construct altars dedicated to loved ones who have passed and leave offerings intended to entice their spirits to come visit. Mexican marigolds are strewn about to make it easier for loved one's souls to transition into the world of the living.

All Saints' Day

All Saints' Day, on Nov. 1, is a Christian celebration that honors loved ones who have passed. The evening before, All Hallows' Eve, was a direct predecessor of Halloween. This celebration was likely timed to coincide with Samhain festivals to offer a smoother transition for converts from pagan faiths.

The Collective Consciousness

With so many holidays focused on the dead around the end of October, there is undoubtedly a lot of thought and attention given to spirits. This may contribute to the thinning of the veil, as a strong psychic energy shared by many people can create a tangible impact in the spirit realm. This makes October a powerful time for psychic mediums to work and for everyday individuals to connect with the spirit realm.

With so many traditions centering around the dead in October, there is good evidence that this time of year does have more spirit activity. Use protective jewelry and smudging if you're concerned about malicious spirits, and speak with a medium if you're interested in connecting with loved ones of your own.


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