Colors and Their Meanings - Part 1 by Psychic Morganna

Published Date 1/16/2016
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What do your favorite colors really mean?

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Colors surround us in our daily lives. Unfortunately not everyone understands what they mean or how intensely they affect us. The use of color in your spiritual practice is a wonderful tool to have. Colors can be used alone or mixed together energetically to match the outcome of what we want. We can use this as a tool, whether we are getting dressed in the morning, doing candle magic, or choosing an herb. 

Some colors will be harder to work with only because we are individuals; that is what makes us all unique. This could be because one color might not be good for your physical body. Or the color might represent an area of your life that is complete. You might even hate the color you need in your life most. 

Only you will know which colors will work for you and which ones will not. When you are doing energy or spell work, keep in mind that all colors do effect you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 

Violet Represents Spirit or Source
Violet is also connected with etheric realms, higher esoteric learning, ancient wisdom and the deeper mysteries of the cosmos. Violet is associated with power, wealth and good fortune. It is the color of spiritual growth. It is believed to be the color of royalty, judgment, industry, and religious thought. It influences spirit contact, purification, balanced humility, and dream activity. It is the color used for the third eye chakra.

Blue Represents the Element of Water 
Blue is the color that deals with emotions, love, peace, healing and protection. Blue is the color of wisdom, thoughtfulness, and the celestial regions. It is also associated with the throat chakra and the natural sciences. It is used to bring a feeling of harmony. Blue is the color of expansion, intuition, artistic inspiration, judgment, and legalities. Light blue is used for healing work on humans.

Pink Represents Relationships with One’s Family
As expected, Pink is the color of love, intimacy, and romance but not lust. It influences compassion, self-love, immaturity and truth. This color is also used for the heart chakra.

Green Represents the Element of Earth
Green is the color of vegetation or nature. It influences fertility, prosperity, hope, joy, delight, growth and change are aspects of every color green. Forest green is connected to specifically with fertility, the body, courage, classical music or wilderness sounds. This color green is used to heal animals, plants, and the Earth. Ivy green represents emotional aspects of humans such as grief music, negative introspection and retrospective. It also influences quiet music or silence. Grass green aids in the healing process. Green can be used for the heart chakra if you are comfortable with it.

Yellow Represents the Element of Air

Yellow is the color of divination. It is associated with mental work, meditation, will, intellect, and communication. Yellow is the color of friendship, goodness and faith. It is the color used for your solar plexus chakra. Golden yellow is the color of charm, trust, summer, and bright sounds like a child’s laugh. It also influences upbeat music. Pastel yellow is associated with psychic abilities. Yellow is a great color to use to improve one’s balance, self-esteem, charisma, strength of will, vitality, motivation and effectiveness. 

Orange Represents the Performance Art and Stage Magicians
Orange influences pride, courage, heroism, attraction, kinship, and prosperity (as in good harvest). Orange influences warmth, friendship, abundance, spirit, principles, theory, and alertness. Orange is the color of truth and dishonesty. It is also the color used for your sacral chakra.

Red Represents the Element of Fire 
Red is the color of Alchemy, the magical art of science and transformation. Red is associated with healing work on people and animals when using the element of Fire. Red represents physical passion and is the color of power. It is associated with command. It is the color used for the root chakra. It is the color of inspiration, vitality, pride, anger, all strong emotions, purification (element of Fire), aggressive music and lightning storms. Red is color to warn others of danger.

Be sure to return next week on Saturday, January 23rd for the second part of this article as Psychic Morganna continues her exploration of colors and their meanings, including the planetary influences on color by the day of the week. 

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