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View to Your Hue: Purple Aura Meaning Guided Meditation by Psychic Lacey

Date 3/20/2023
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A purple aura indicates a spiritual essence of enlightenment, connecting to the soul and spirit of oneself and the consciousness to assist all of humanity.

Understanding the True Essence of a Purple Aura 

Every person has an auric field that exudes a certain color. The color of this auric, or bio-magnetic field contains seven layers and provides information about the person, their path, and personality. It is thought that this auric color can give you the essence of the soul and tell you more about the true nature of a person.

Every aura can manifest in different colors depending on feelings, emotions, and current thoughts. The color of an aura isn’t permanently fixed; auras are ever-changing. People who have opened their inner and outer spiritual senses can see auras, sometimes as rays of light. 

A purple aura is the color often related to spiritual essence, growth, and psychic abilities. This indicates that the person is more aligned with their own soul, spirit, and their true-life path on a spiritual level. A purple aura may mean that the person has reached spiritual maturity and follows a path of enlightenment. They may often be seen as an intuitive and sensitive soul. Psychics, healers, and those on a more spiritual path typically have purple auras. However, children are often born with a purple aura that may change over time due to family beliefs, values, and life patterns.

Purple Aura

Purple Aura Personality

A purple aura person has a personality that shows compassion, wisdom, and kindness. They have elevated themselves from the worldly energy and moved into a space of heart connectedness. This allows them to be guided by their heart more often than their mind. They often cultivate a deeper inner connection to the heart and soul, which means their personality can sometimes take on an internal, introspective focus. This may make a purple aura person more of an introvert. They are also often more childlike, imaginative, and enthusiastic about life if they are passionate about their path.

Sensitive purple aura souls are empaths that can feel and often see the nature, thoughts, and feelings of those around them. If they learn to balance the spiritual and physical body, they will be able to achieve great grounding and inner harmony. However, that may not always be easy for them as they often inhabit a mostly mental or spiritual state of mind. Regular grounding is necessary for them to balance themselves in the reality we call life. 

Purple Aura

Purple Aura Life Path

Those with a purple aura are drawn towards becoming healers, spiritual guides, psychics, mediums, teachers or they may enter the field of psychology to guide and assist others on their life path. Often those who take up the healing path have healed from their own trauma, shadow-self, and pain and are now on a journey to support others on their life’s journey.

Purple aura souls often feel called by the energy of their aura to follow a spiritual life path. They tend to gravitate towards the mystical facets of tarot, astrology, numerology, mythology, and all metaphysical studies. These souls hunger for knowledge and wisdom, while questioning everything. They accept the changes of the ever-flowing universe and the cycles it presents, not seeing the challenges as obstacles but rather a challenge to change for the better. Growth is both a goal and destination on this journey of life for these beautiful energetic purple aura souls. Expanding consciousness and moving past the physical makes this soul feel alive. 

Careers of a Purple Aura Person

As mentioned before, the purple aura person has a very different outlook in life. They do not dwell on negative thoughts but choose to look at the bigger picture of life and humanity. Purple aura people usually have big personalities and touch people with their kindness, softness, and words of growth. They inspire all those they meet on their path, giving them a key to unlock a part of themselves. This exchange of energy is an important part of the path of enlightenment their divine soul chose in this lifetime.

Purple Sky

Shades of Purple Aura Colors

Lavender Aura

This calming, passionate, and feminine color, allows inner peace to manifest on the surface. As it has a childlike feel, this color is related to innocence, optimism, inspiration, and patience.

A person with a lavender aura will exhibit many of these personality traits. They are givers and lovers, having no expectations of receiving anything back but love. Due to this higher vibrational energy, they can connect to higher levels of energy and sprints and guides on a higher vibration. Lavender aura people tend to not like, or want to connect, with lower vibration energetic experiences or people unless they are acting as a teacher. In the role of a teacher, lavender aura people can guide their students to a higher level of existence or help them heal from trauma. In that way, they help others to reach a higher level of energy too.

A lavender aura person is a dreamer, someone that can create things through thought and manifest them into the physical. However, they are not focused on the material world. They tend to have a rich mental life, daydreaming and building a fantasy world, as they find it hard to be part of the harsh reality we call life. This may cause lavender aura people to withdraw themselves to feel protected from this earthly human plane of existence.

A lavender aura person will listen to calming music, meditate, and create a sanctuary in their home. They see their home as sacred and are cautious of who they allow in. Spiritual cleansing and clearing energy are the main ways they ensure their home stays balanced and purified.

In relationships, a lavender person needs to learn to be grounded. Since they approach life in a child-like manner, they like to keep things fun, exciting, and dreamy. However, when conflict occurs, they withdraw, preferring to stay in a happy ever after fairy tale world that feels safer and more tangible.

Colors Infused with Lavender

Violet Aura

This color is often related to self-sacrifice for all of humanity and dedicating a life of service to the world. This aura can be found around psychic, spiritual healers, and teachers. They often carry leadership energy around them. Violet aura people are compassionate humanitarians who work on a higher spiritual level of consciousness. Their path is one of awareness and providing love and support to assist the world on a higher level. Spiritual Gurus are often infused by this auric color.

Dark Purple Aura

A dark purple aura person has an aura full of blockages which hinders the person from connecting to a higher realm and to their psychic gifts. This color acts as a warning. It would benefit those with a dark purple aura to ask a psychic or energy healer to clear their aura. Working with psychics who can see auras can help and guide you on your healing and clearing.

Purple Crown Chakra

Chakra Associated with the Purple Aura

The crown chakra is associated with a purple aura. Aura photos can often clearly show a purple aura around the head and crown chakra area.

When open and flowing, this chakra allows the violet purple color to infuse our auric field. The presence of this purple energy connects higher vibrational individuals to the higher levels of consciousness to support and guide all of humanity. They are visionaries and wish to guide others on a path of love, discovery, and inner connection. They choose to create a life for themselves that is in line with their soul’s purpose. Purple aura people are often psychics, mediums, and spiritualists, choosing to lovingly guide others on a path of enlightenment while not judging them.

These individuals understand the great benefit of working on trauma, inner-child pain, and other issues from the past. Purple aura people also know how one’s shadow side can prevent a person from reaching enlightenment. Many times, they act as healers and guides, making up spiritual support groups to help heal humanity to break free from this earthly matrix.  

The Disadvantage of Having a Purple Aura

Those with a purple aura need to learn to balance their emotions and close their auric fields, as they take on not just their own emotions, feelings, and thoughts but also those of every person they speak to or encounter. Protecting their aura is of top importance. Purple aura people may be worriers and feel a need to save the world. The only way to balance this is to send love out into the world, to each human, each animal, the earth, and the heavens. As love is the highest vibration, we can merely with thought send out the vibration of love to all of creation. This does not need to happen in the physical as we are more powerful than we believe. Being of service in this way helps bring balance which is a key need for purple aura people. 

Purple Aura

Can I Have a Purple Aura?

Yes, anyone can. You may also follow this guided purple aura meditation to help you create a purple aura. Visualizations like this one can manifest what you focus on into reality. However, this meditation should be performed daily or weekly to allow you to maintain this vibrational energy level. I so look forward on guiding you on your path.


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Lacey’s has a master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture and has studied Chinese face reading, Feng Shui and I-Ching to help and assist clients in all parts of their lives. Lacey is a Clairsentient Empath and Energy Healer and uses a combination of TCM and spiritual healing to guide and support her clients.   Lacey is excited to help and guide you step by step on your life path.



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