The Power of the Color White

Published Date 1/11/2017
Category: Health & Wellness

White is one of the most powerful colors of the spectrum

When it comes to colors, white can mean many things to different people. Discover the many interpretations of the color white, how it can influence your emotions, and how it can bring you power when you wear it.

Purity and Clarity

When many people think of white, the first impression they have is one of purity or innocence. This is likely because children wear white for important occasions early in life and brides don white for their weddings.

The potential of white goes beyond this basic definition, though. Since white’s essential purity has the power to clear obstacles from your path, this is a color that can also provide clarity and help you achieve a fresh start. If you’ve been seeking a new beginning or a way to start down the path toward purer thoughts and actions, talk with an online psychic about how the power of the color white can help you achieve these goals.

Creativity and Possibility

In addition to laying the path for new beginnings, white also enables you to start either a major project or a new way of life with a clean slate. Though starting something substantial from scratch can be daunting, this process also gives you an incredible amount of potential to work with.

When you open yourself up to the power of the color white, you have the ability to harness virtually all of the creativity and openness in the world. In essence, there’s no better color for starting anew, allowing yourself to pursue a creative vision, and taking advantage of the potential that lies ahead.

True Spirituality and Energy

When you’re considering the power of the color white, it’s important to remember that it’s not just one color. Instead, white is really the presence of all colors together, combined in a single ray of light. That means white has the potential to encompass an incredible amount of energy.

In many ways, white encompasses true spirituality and a sense of wholeness. If you’ve been searching for this sense of spirituality and this level of energy in your own life, an authentic psychic reading can help you better understand how to manifest the potential of the color white.

Independence and Neutrality

Since white encompasses all of the colors of the spectrum, one of its greatest powers is that it represents both positive and negative sides of them all. That means white embodies a certain level of equality or neutrality, since it features the good and the bad all in one.

Because white includes a hint of the forces of every other color, it doesn’t have an innate positive or negative connotation in and of itself. Instead, this pure color represents independence from influences, emotions, or experiences. A true blank slate, white encompasses freedom and welcomes a full spectrum of experience.

Have you experienced these properties when in the presence of white? Try wearing it in the form of a gemstone or a crystal and learn to harness purity, creativity, independence, and true spirituality for yourself.

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