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Manifesting Abundance: Empower Your Money Consciousness by Psychic Radha

Date 9/5/2023
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Or… “How I Manifested $1500 to Self-Publish My Breast Cancer Book!”

Manifest Wealth

Back in 2010 I had conceived a pillow book for breast cancer survivors and their beloveds. I had a literary agent; she’d submitted my manuscript to publishers in the USA and the UK, yet none rejected the project, nor did they accept it.

I didn’t know what to do. They all loved the idea but claimed that the subject matter was a niche within a niche, and it wouldn’t have enough widespread appeal. I realized that if this book were going to be born, I would need to approach this utilizing unconventional methods.

The first thing I did was sit and allow my mind to leave my space so I could receive downloads. In other words, I went into deep meditations both where I was outside walking and inside sitting alone in silence. It was then that I was divinely guided to write an email to the Hay Foundation, addressing the letter to Louise Hay.

Once that was done, I released all expectations and “forgot about it” taking my 3- mile power walks and manifesting my life via Sanskrit mantras (to calm the chatter of my monkey mind) and visualized success as if it were already there.

I will never forget that I decided to visualize that check from the Hay Foundation for $1700 dollars. I saw it floating before my eyes as I powerwalked in the Arroyos. It was Wednesday March 3, 2010, I thought nothing of it, until that Sunday when my husband brought attention to the mail addressed to me which I had not bothered to open (I was sure it was just another bill). Reluctantly I did so. The last plain white envelope I opened I pulled a letter out and from its confines a yellow check fell out for $1500 dollars. The letter was from Louise Hay’s former assistant Shelley Anderson who had written the following.

“We were moved by your letter… we never donate to causes such as yours, but your letter was so heartfelt that we had donated to your project a check for the sum of $1500. We hope that this will help you get your project off the ground.”

I began to shake and weep, I looked at the date of the check and it was drafted on March 3, 2010. I did not doubt within hours of my walking meditation.

I was absolutely floored and awed by the power of stepping out of what could have been my despair over the non-rejections of my book and the ability to manifest by trusting that the Universe had something wonderful in mind. Every cent of that money was used to publish the book which is still being sold on Amazon today.

Miracles happen! But you can’t limit how the universe will bring your abundance to you… you must feel it flow through you. You must know that abundance is waiting to gift you with presents of all shapes and sizes. The best you can do is manifest how it feels to get surprised by abundance.

When you ask, “will I win the lottery?” you have just hamstrung the Universe with the only way to bring you wealth is via that method. The Universe feels the vibration of how YOU feel. So, though affirmations may work if your feelings match the words, if you repeat any abundant type of affirmation devoid of the euphoric emotional power of having it, it won’t come true. Why? because if your false ego already doesn’t believe in miracles can and do happen your very “logical thoughts” will negate all attempts at manifesting anything that you desire. Desire with despair creates a neutral zone which often equates to lack consciousness.

Now let me explore metaphysical principles and practices regarding wealth and abundance.

Money Metaphysics

Understanding Money Metaphysics

This is science and has been widely studied by various universities from Stanford and beyond. The idea that thought becomes matter was best shown by Japanese scientist Dr. Masaru Emoto who proved that water was a consciousness that was directly impacted by our thoughts, words, and energies. He showed through powerful high-speed photography how frozen water captured what happened when we emitted rage, anger, and grief. Even hard rock music turned the water crystals into shards or muddied it. But when the water received love, positive vibrations, healing music, and healing intentions the water showed itself as gorgeous crystals. Many have denigrated his work calling it pseudo-science, but I can tell you that energy and frequency are as real as the oxygen you inhale and exhale. He felt that and I quote, “energy is the blueprint for our reality." Which means, what we feel is an energy that colors our reality.

So how does this understanding impact your goal to manifest what you want?

Emotions are the epicenter of the very aspect of manifesting/actualizing what you desire. If despair is where your mind wanders, nothing but more despair will be manifesting even if you feel that you are fighting hard to manifest. What you think becomes…

That is why how you feel when doing the affirmations is more important than the affirmation itself. Unless your thoughts are in alignment with the affirmations, affirmations alone, including repeating them 100 times a day, are not going to get you that high paying job, but feeling and visualizing how your life would change once you get that high paying, while taking your shower or during meditations, will!

Challenges in Manifesting Wealth

Overcoming Common Challenges in Manifestation

Most people who attempt at manifesting aren’t successful because of underlying issues that have not been delt with. Let’s go through a list of what holds manifesting your dream life at bay:

  • Lack of self-worth.
  • Lack of belief that you can have it all.
  • Family lineage challenges about money/wealth.

Sayings like “Money doesn’t grow on trees,” and “Money can’t buy you happiness,” and “Money is the root of all evil,” and “You can’t have it all” have had a powerful negative impact to the collective consciousness. If that is how you grew up, that must be purged and released for new thoughts to take root.

Emotions (good and bad) are huge manifesters. The price of rewiring the brain is discipline and tenacity and that’s why meditation and chanting Sanskrit mantras will train the monkey mind (aka the false ego) to stop running amuck in your head, creating chaos over manifesting what you truly desire.

Meditation isn’t as hard as you might think and the premier teacher and mentor on that modality of rewiring the brain is Dr Joe Dispenza who collaborates with neurologists all over the world on the power of how meditation is the key power to manifest the impossible. Addressing your monkey mind is key to the power of manifestation, but that will take discipline.

The way I have taught my clients worldwide to address doubts, fears and resistance is via rewiring the brain using daily mediations and chakra clearing and charging. What happens to the brain during meditation is no longer a woo-hoo theory but neuroscience. What I can share with you is that this process of rewiring your conscious and unconscious thoughts will be challenging but well worth the effort. The average person has about 50,000 thoughts per day and the majority of those thoughts will be super negative.

The idea of chanting a mantra to squelch those thoughts will have more impact than you can possibly fathom. One way I teach my clients is via high vibrational frequency which is found in Sanskrit. NASA Jet propulsion laboratory considers Sanskrit a mathematical language which is so precise that they use it to program computers which include AI (Artificial Intelligence) because of it being the root of all languages and its precision in communication. They fail to mention that it also holds a high frequency which begins with OM (pronounced AUM).

Manifesting Wealth

Techniques for Aligning Thoughts and Emotions with Money Management and Manifestation

How will chanting aid you in manifesting your desire? If what I have just shared with you is accurate, then the accuracy of a mantra will imbue you will a clear channel to source as you slice through the negative 50K thoughts you have to co-create with the universe. You will discover a clear channel to manifest what you most desire as you reach a high vibration of thoughts.

The key to not giving up is to understand that you may not always receive your most fervent desires. This doesn't mean you lacked diligence; it's essential to realize that what you wanted may not be meant for you or may not be ready for you yet. Instead of lamenting this fact, it's best to be grateful and trust in the Universe's innate wisdom to bring you what you need, which may be even better than what you initially desired. Your attitude and ability to express gratitude throughout your journey of self-discovery and as you master your false ego and manifesting your goals will be crucial to your eventual success.

You have the power to manifest, however nothing can happen if you do nothing. That means if your desire is to author a book, commit to writing something every day. If your desire is to own a house, create a vision board of your house and start saving money for easier financing. If your desire is to have a leaner and stronger body, show up to the gym at least 5 days a week, and break a sweat. Whatever you decide, whatever you desire, you must show up for yourself with actions and deadlines.

Controlling the monkey mind is all about removing the innate obstacles of negativity that will keep you from action and believing in yourself to accomplish your goals.

Fear, lack of self-worth, and well-meaning friends who counsel you in thinking that your goals aren’t logical won’t help you. The frequency of success is attracted by confidence, not hope, but the belief that what you are bringing to the world has value and that in doing so, you will be rewarded. Trust in your desires for they are not random. Understanding and honoring those needs will bring about the success you seek.

It may take baby steps at first, as you learn to maneuver past old, preprogrammed habits into the world of a new era and your new life as you teach yourself the magic of manifesting. Have fun with it and watch your self-confidence grow.

For more about manifesting abundance, Psychic MaryJane examines your relationship with money in her article "From Loathing Money To Loving Money - My Journey"It's easy to hate money, especially when you never seem to have enough. Learn how to attract money and change your view of it! 



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Radha has known of her past lives since she was 3 years old when she recalled picking her parents. She is Reiki Master, a womb healing facilitator and a Tantric coach. Nothing pleases her more then reading for people. She is also a published author and visual artist. Radha has a passion for nature, gardening, hiking and playing her Shamanic drum and Shruti. She is a big believer in sound frequency, lives a Vegan lifestyle and mediates and chants every single day.


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