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Wealth in Vedic Astrology

Date 12/20/2021
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Your Vedic astrology chart may help you understand how to grow wealth.

Your Vedic astrology chart may help you understand how to grow wealth.

Vedic astrology uses your exact time, date, and place of birth to draw up a highly accurate and personalized astrology chart. The placement of the planets in each of your 12 houses can help you spot astrology wealth indicators. Here are some of the basics to get you started.


Wealth in Astrology

Wealth comes in many forms, and astrology accounts for this by designating different houses and planets for various types of abundance. These provide you with a general chart of how wealth will play out in your life. Checking your monthly horoscopes will give you a closer look at what's happening right now.


Astrology Money Houses

There's more than one house of money in astrology. Your wealth astrology chart will look at your:


  • Second House: Flow of income, personal earnings, possessions.
  • Third House: Money through self effort, communication.
  • Fourth House: Family inheritance, property, land.
  • Fifth House: Lottery winnings, unexpected gains, intelligence.
  • Seventh House: Business, travel, partnerships.
  • Eighth House: Stocks, deals, the use of others' money, sudden gains and losses.
  • Tenth House: Employment, career, achievements.
  • Eleventh House: Accumulated prosperity.

As you can see, nearly all of your 12 houses are related in some way to finances and wealth. However, each house addresses it in a different manner.


Planetary Astrology Wealth Indicators

Examining which planet resides in the houses mentioned above will give you the details that you need to fill in your chart and learn more about your outlook for wealth in Vedic astrology.


  • Sun: Income from the government, trading, or wood.
  • Moon: Income from water, milk, or resources outside the country.
  • Mars: Wealth gained through strength or physical effort. Income from law enforcement, farming, engineering, or military careers.
  • Mercury: Earnings from intellectual works, communication, science, or math.
  • Jupiter: Wealth that comes from spiritual or religious pursuits. Increases from lenders or investments. Monetary value gained through stocks, shares, gems, or precious metals.
  • Venus: Income from entertainment and the arts, such as cinema, music, or photography.
  • Saturn: Earnings from leather, machining, iron, or stone.
  • Rahu: Unexpected monetary windfalls, such as from the lottery.
  • Ketu: Monetary gains through deceit.

Putting It Together

Understanding the whole of your Vedic astrology chart is a daunting task. It's usually best to consult with a professional for deep insights into what Vedic astrology can tell you. Consider an astrology reading from an experienced psychic to learn more about your Vedic chart and get answers to questions like what would indicate a windfall in the birth chart or what industries will be most profitable for your investments.


By examining your Vedic astrology chart, you can get fascinating insights into your life's map. However, it's important to remember that nothing is set in stone, and there are many ways to interpret Vedic astrology.


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