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Improve Your Relationship with Money, Especially at the Holidays by Psychic Sapphire

Date 12/6/2021
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How has your relationship with your money been going lately?

How has your relationship with your money been going lately?

I am willing to release the need to be unworthy. I am worthy of the very best in life, and I now lovingly allow myself to accept it”  - Louise Hay

As life is beginning to return to a new “normal” many of us are excited to reboot holiday activities. Others are dreading the idea of resuming holiday festivities that add additional stress to an already maxed out budget.  The COVID-19 pandemic has been a collective experience and each of us are still processing the impact of this sweeping global crisis. 

The isolation we all faced due to COVID restrictions has also given us the opportunity to explore things about ourselves and our primary relationships.  In this article we’re going to explore one of the more essential relationships in our life:  MONEY.

Even though this global pandemic is a first for some, history shows us life is full of global upheavals. Empires collapse, fail and re-emerge. Yet despite all these earthly upsets, there’s a certain breed of humans that sails through the storms of life.  Their inner strength is both inspiring and perplexing. 

For example: We’ve all heard stories of impoverished families loving their meager beginnings. From Charles Dickens' classic tale “A Christmas Carol” to Dolly Parton’s “Coat of Many Colors”; these rags to riches stories really seem to touch our hearts around the holidays.  

But we wonder, how do these people manage to remain happy and secure when most of us worry about not having enough? 

It All Starts in the Mind

As the great teachers tell us from Buddha to Jesus:  The poor will always be with us (Matthew 26-11)

This passage isn’t encouraging us to accept poverty or ignore opportunities to be charitable.  It’s revealing a mindset that keeps many people stuck. 

For example: Lottery winners who are broke a year after winning millions or adult children who squander inheritances. People surrounded by abundance, yet chronically complain about what’s not working for them.  These examples have one thing in common: a toxic mindset with prosperity.

The good news is we can hit the reset button and establish a new mindset. 

Nurturing a good relationship with money may seem like just needing more of it, but it’s also how well we appreciate what we have in the present moment. Most of us are constantly lamenting about a lack of money, rather than focusing on how we can make peace with what is showing up in our life right now. 

Consider a Currency Upgrade

If you understand money as currency and currency as energy, then you will slowly begin to understand this energetic currency is constantly moving and changing.  A shortage of currency today can quickly turn into a surplus of currency tomorrow. 

If you find yourself in a mental battle with money (which most of us experience during the holidays), below are some techniques to improve your relationship with money.

Identify Your True Feelings Towards Money

Let’s start with a simple exercise:

Get out a piece of paper and write down the kind of relationship you have with money. Describe it as your lover, spouse, or closest friend. Be very, very honest. No one needs to see this list, nor do you have to share it with anyone.

Write down how this person (money) treats you.

  • Do they run hot and cold?
  • In and out?
  • Sometimes there for you, sometimes not?
  • Unreliable?
  • Untrustworthy?
  • Ignoring your needs?
  • Putting you last on their list?
  • Do you feel loved and supported?
  • Is your relationship secure and stable?

Now write down how you treat this person (money).  Again, be honest!

  • Do you treat them with respect? 
  • Do you appreciate the ways they show up for you?
  • Do you value their contributions in your life?
  • Do you talk negatively about them?
  • Do you make promises you have no intention of keeping?
  • Are you a reliable and trustworthy companion?
  • Do you express your feelings of love?
  • Are you committed to a life-long partnership?

Try to identify areas of unworthiness, doubt, or fear around abundance or compensation.

As you complete the list, you may discover money runs parallel to some of the other relationships in your life. Such as unreliable friends, non-committal lovers, or family members who let you down. Perhaps you’ve been stuck in a dead-end job with no promotion in site. 

Now it’s time to make that upgrade and move to the next step…

Write a Love Letter to Money

Let money know how you will repair your relationship and what changes to expect. Make it as long and detailed as you wish.

Outline how things are going to improve. Have fun with it, reframe your attitude and belief system with money. Treat money as the love of your life. Drop any words or phrases that speak negatively about money. 

Here’s a short snippet of a love letter written to money:

My darling Money:

I’m so sorry I take you for granted. Every time you put delicious food on our table all I do is complain you’re not doing enough for me.  I completely understand why you feel rejected. I’m so sorry to leave you feeling unloved. I promise from this day forward; everything is going to change.

I love you so much and I never want to live another day without you.  I appreciate you so much. Every day, in every way, I’ll show my love for you. I’m now completely devoted to our relationship. Let’s do this! Let’s build a spectacular life together.

Love you so, so much,


Although a letter to money may sound a bit silly, it reframes our attitude. We affirm the importance of money as a lifelong partner and declare our willingness to go the distance. In essence, we fully commit to a beautiful and lasting relationship with money. The love affair of a lifetime. 

This holiday season (or anytime you need in the future), why not start a fresh new relationship with money? Write your love letter. Read it daily. Celebrate every way money shows up in your life. See how good it feels when you discover how money really does love you and how often it’s supported you. See this new relationship as a wonderful gift of love to self and watch how this new approach to currency begins to create better flow in your life.

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Sapphire is a certified NLP Practitioner, globally certified through the American Board of Neurolinguistic Programming established in 1995. This global standard assures a high level of excellence subscribed by the Training Institute. Sapphire teaches clients how to overcome limiting belief systems stored in the subconscious mind by forming new habits and working with the path of least resistance. These reframing techniques are well established and practiced the world over with transformative results.



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