Changing Jobs with the Help of a Psychic by Psychic Zoey

Published Date 6/5/2021
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Is this your time to land a new job?

Is this your time to land a new job?

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Frequently clients call Psychic Source advisors to get a sense of when they might be getting a new job, promotion, etc. As psychics, we can be very helpful in this endeavor as we can read the energy emanating from a caller, plus those surrounding them.

The first thing I do when advising a client, is to get a feel of their energy force, their inner self, who they really are. In this way, I can clearly discern their basic skill set, and so can see what they are meant to do in this life. Often, clients will react with an “ah…I always liked to do that….” One time I was listening to a client talk about what they liked to do. I simply suggested the person consider writing as a career. Instantly the caller interjected stating, “I always loved to write!”

Making the Decision to Change Jobs

Like a good counselor, a psychic advisor will listen to their client, adding intuitive comments when appropriate. I frequently tell my clients that I can heal and guide, but will not make decisions for them. That is their work, as it is their life. Making their own decisions is the way their life continues to enfold according to their own choices. This plane is after all, a school, where we are supposed to learn by our decisions. Even making no decision amounts to a decision.

Another question that I ask is the first name of the contact person--interviewer, or manager--who talked to my client. Sometimes, I will ask for “something about the job”. Once my client begins describing, I will stop them when I have a good sense of the situation. I will then ask my Guides for direction and tell the client what they say. In this way, I can inform clients if they will get the job they’ve applied for, or if they should seek another job, or if a promotion is in the works, depending on the specific situation. Sometimes it is just a matter of hanging on thru an upsetting work situation until things clear.

A Career Reading Success Story

One client was very anguished at work, and didn’t know how she would get through the next months. I informed her that the situation would soon change, and that there would be “musical chairs” surrounding several people in the company, that she should just hang on, concentrate on her work, and soon the problem supervisor would be asked to leave. Several months later, the client called, happily conveying that everything my Guides had said, was now confirmed. The client really enjoyed her job, and now that the “trouble maker” was gone, she’d received a raise, and felt very secure and happy. Success!

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