Why You Should Wait Before Contacting Someone that Has Passed

Published Date 6/25/2014
Category: Loss & Grieving

You should wait for your grief to pass before you attempt to contact the deceased.

Losing a loved one is devastating for those who are left behind. It’s tempting to run straight to a medium to prolong your contact with the departed, but this isn’t something you should do right away. There are many good reasons to wait.

You’re Still Grieving

You want to make contacting a loved one who has passed a peaceful and rewarding experience. If you’re still dealing with raw, heartbreaking grief, you simply aren’t ready for this type of communication. Your own grief may block the reading. It’s important to understand that your psychic isn’t the only one who needs to be open for you to contact the other side. If you aren’t open as well, you may not get the successful reading you were hoping for.

When you’re able to talk about your loved one calmly, with feelings of acceptance, you’re probably ready to pursue a psychic reading. There’s no need to rush this experience. Wait until you’re ready.

You Need Time to Prepare

Working with a live psychic is a very special experience, and you may want to take some time and prepare for the interaction. If you rush into a reading without really thinking about what you want to accomplish, you may walk away with feelings of regret. Think about what you want to tell your loved one before you go into the reading so you won’t wake up in the night with a list of things that you wish you’d mentioned.

Your Loved One Isn’t Ready

There is a great deal of contention on this point, as no one really knows exactly what happens to us on the other side. Some mediums argue that the deceased are ready to communicate immediately after death. Others believe that it can take up to three months to acclimate to the new spiritual state and learn how to communicate with the living through a medium.

The truth is that death experiences are probably as different as life ones. While some people can reach out to us from the very moment of death, others take longer to get used to the new state of being. If your loved one has a crucial message to impart, he or she will communicate it to you with or without a medium, so you may want to wait for your professional reading.

You Haven’t Found the Right Psychic

You should never rush into a reading with the very first psychic to hang a sign on the door. Take the time to do some research before you settle on a medium. The person who is serving as your psychic channel should be someone who you’re comfortable with. Choose a medium with a good reputation, who is both experienced and well-known.

If you wait until the right time for your psychic reading, you will have a better chance of experiencing a healthy and soothing communication with your loved one.


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HeavenSpeaks: When people pass from the physical plain to the spirtual there is a sort of moving in perid a time of transition needed to get used to the new surrounings. They to have a sense of loss, their old life has changed and they must get used to this new chapter. Now each person is different some ntransition very quickly while others it takes time no two are the same. Some hang around in the physical world for a short bit just to make sure evrything is ok, then they move on. You don't need a psychic medium inorder to make contact with a loved one just be open to the signs and symbols thats all it takes.

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