Why We Have No Memories of the Spirit World or Past Lives by Psychic Anthony

Date 4/23/2020
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How can we better remember our dreams?

How can we better remember our dreams?

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Do you remember every detail of your dreams? Dreams are a tourist visit to The Spirit World. The dream memories are the post cards we bring back. Sometimes we do not have any recollection but that doesn't mean nothing happened. Just the conscious mind couldn't handle it.

When our body rests our mind dips down into the infinity of the collective unconscious. This is the same infinity that greets us when we leave our bodies behind. It is all about symbolic reality, self-generated holograms that reflect our true spiritual being. This world is a dream world (the spirit world is a dream world too) but it is a dimension that is not trying to fool you into thinking it is physical. We create that dichotomy when we think that this world is real, and the spirit world isn't. It is a false distinction in my opinion. I have had dreams of the deceased coming to visit and dreams of the future that came true.

True Spirituality

There are such things as spiritual materialism and spiritual pride. These include the thirst for psychic power and mystical experiences or the desire to seem wise, spiritually enlightened or to be able to impress others with a spiritual air of mystique. These things seem spiritual on the outside but often lead to charismatic leaders of cults and people who profess some special spiritual connection to God but are sadly found later with prostitutes or having sexually abused people. 

The true route to spirituality has no short cuts. The desire to be a spiritual person in the sight of others is not enough. To develop a true and deep spirituality means service to those who need it. A love that does not discriminate or judge or ask for anything in return. An appreciation of life and an acceptance of those challenges that come our way as we grow ever older to face the ultimate challenge with trust and faith: death itself. 

Messages from Beyond

Put a smile of Divine Love on your face and show it to the world, even if it is fake at first. After a while, you'll get used to it. Feel full of gratitude for the beauty and grace of the YOUniverse and trust that you and the YOUniverse are one and the same: connected with all that lives. See the beauty in yourself and in everyone else. And for validation that you are on the right track. Look for coincidences that happen in your life and seek to feel the special and private meaning they may hold for you. 

When these coincidences happen that are so astronomical-it IS A SIGN! Synchronicity happens as a message: it is the language of souls in this world. Meaningful coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous. Once you see this coincidental perception it will continue to happen. Look for the magic and the magic will look for you and guide you on your own special path to the sacred.

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