When Should a Widow Start Dating?

Published Date 5/28/2013
Category: Loss & Grieving

Is The Widow In Your Life Ready To Move On?

If you've recently become involved with a loving, caring individual who has lost a spouse in the past, you might be unsure how to handle the situation. Dating widows and widowers can be substantially different than seeing someone who's never been married. However, this doesn't mean that a relationship is out of the question for the two of you.

One way that you can ensure that you're both prepared to move forward in your relationship is to examine the past. Ideally, you and your partner should be able to look at what's happened beforehand and come to terms with it without any regrets, according to The Huffington Post. Failing to accept the past can lead to problems in the future, especially for widows and widowers.

The Daily Herald reported that it's completely acceptable to have feelings of sadness after losing a spouse. However, it's important that your partner doesn't let them influence your current relationship. If this is the case, you might want to recommend love psychics to your significant other.

Phone psychic readings can potentially put your partner in contact with his or her deceased spouse. In the end, this can give the individual the closure necessary to move on.


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