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Water as a Metaphor for Healing - A Meditation by Psychic Minerva

Date 6/14/2024
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The loss of a loved one can leave an emptiness that can be unbearable and often difficult to let go of. Grief can be consuming for some and take weeks to even years to overcome it. The fact is there is no one perfect method for overcoming grief quickly or painlessly. Though grief is a process that heals in its own time, there are a number of practices and techniques that can facilitate healing.

Healing Grief Through Meditation

One of my favorite methods for healing through grief is meditation because it allows us to recreate the way we think and feel, as well as induce a state of calmness. To help you begin the process of moving through grief, we will use a meditation that uses the symbolism of water as a healing tool. Water represents emotions, movement, energy flowing and clearing away the old.  

Start by finding a quiet place where you wouldn't be disturbed. Close your eyes, imagine yourself surrounded by a white protective light. While you are safely encased in the light, focus your attention in the middle of your chest. 

Take a minute to think about who you are grieving at this moment. It can be a partner, parent, pet or friend. As you think of them, allow yourself to feel whatever surfaces for you at the moment. It may be sadness, confusion, emptiness and even anger. Whatever comes up is appropriate. Take a minute and connect to your feelings and your present state. Then slowly imagine yourself becoming calm and serene.

As you sit quietly, imagine yourself outside. Think of a quiet place with lots of beautiful trees, deep lush green grass and tons of flowers. Look around and you will notice a body of water connected to a waterfall. The water moves gently down the stream. While sitting, allow yourself to imagine your grief releasing itself from your body in the form of tears. Remember it can be imagery tears. Allow the tears to drop into the water.  As the tears flow, the water carries with it the pain and sadness connected to your grief. 

Let the pain float away gently.

As the grief floats away, notice how much lighter you feel. Become aware of how light your chest becomes as you allow yourself to let go. Now image yourself dipping into the water and infusing your body with calmness and peace. The water is very calming and healing giving you a sense of total harmony. The water cleanses you of your sorrow and sadness, making you feel at ease.

Slowly focus on your outer body and the protective white light. Sit quietly for a few minutes and think about the process. When you are ready, open your eyes.

Keep in mind you can do this exercise as often as you need to, especially when you feel overwhelmed emotionally.

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