Talking with the Dead by Psychic Willow

Date 10/18/2017

Energy appears as a pure white light and knows everything.

Energy appears as a pure white light and knows everything.

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Loved ones who have passed may leave us experiencing unanswered questions, torn emotions, fear of what they are experiencing and so on. These are normal for those who are left behind. As a Trance Medium people reach out for those who can aid them in their quest for information and perhaps reassurance. 

I want to share some important tips of what to expect during a Trance session as well as some of the things I have discovered regarding the afterlife. 

What to Expect During a Trance Session with a Psychic Medium

1. Understand that there are NO true promises of making a connection with your loved one; we try our best.
2. There are millions of energies each Medium must go through to find your loved one.
3. Depending on length of time since their death we may not locate them. There may be information we can recover regarding their shape shifting into Guides, Angels, Messengers and even Reincarnation. 
4. Each Medium may have a different process and give different information. For example, I receive symbols, words, images, scents, tastes and if I am in Deep Trance, I will experience their process of death. 
5. Find a quiet spot and have a pen and paper ready, along with a photo of the deceased one, and some tissues in case of tears.
6. If possible, know the date of death, age at death, and if it was slow or sudden death.
7. If the deceased was a victim (meaning they were killed as opposed to passing away from health related issues), you may want to let us know in advance.
8. Give us a little time to settle into the process, it is never to be rushed or demanded. However, you may ask simple questions during your session.

In my life experience as a Light/Deep Trance Medium I have come to the following 10 conclusions:

1. Once we pass, there is NO pain, hate, fear and so on because there is such a high vibrational energy of Love and Spirit. And yes, even those who were horrible while alive still show these similar qualities.
2. The energy is pure white light and knows everything in the Cosmos. 
3. During a sudden, unexpected death it may take more time for the deceased one to figure out how to connect with a Medium. 
4. Deep trance work is exhausting and seriously dangerous for the Medium. It should ONLY be done in a controlled area and with others who have knowledge of the process. Darker energy is more a concern the deeper the Medium goes.
5. Dead energy is NOT to be played with. One should never demand or entice spirit to perform or attack. Ouija Boards, Spirit Boards, Spirit Writing, friends and family Seances, are all somewhat dangerous because they open lower level doorways.
6. Once a Spiritual path or doorway is opened, you need a skilled person to close it. 
7. Some people believe that if the decedent does not spiritually evolve quickly their soul must be in a state of limbo. 
8. Energy is constantly moving.
9. All things contain energy.
10. And most importantly... There really is life after death.

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Heather3745: Thank you for all this wonderful information. This confirms all of my beliefs regarding my loved ones that have passed away. I like to look at life here on earth- as a school. We are all here for a brief time to learn and experience, and when our learning experience is over, we pass away and go home. People are scared of death- because they have no idea what happens when you die. I try to tell the people that I love- that death is not to be feared. We go to a way better place that has no negativity OR suffering.

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