Supporting your spouse after the loss of a loved one

Published Date 7/8/2012
Category: Loss & Grieving

Supporting your spouse after the loss of a loved one

If your spouse has recently lost a parent, it can be difficult to stick by him during the grieving process. However, understanding the various stages of grief may be able to provide you with insight into how to handle the situation.

It's important to recognize that mourning is natural and may come with a wide range of negative emotions. Your spouse may be feeling depressed one day and angry the next as he grapples with the situation.

While your spouse is grieving, make it a point to be there for him if he needs to vent. If he does not want to discuss his feelings out loud, suggest writing them down in a journal - finding an outlet for emotions during this sensitive time is necessary.

Allow him to actively mourn and patiently wait for him to come to terms with the situation. For some people, this may be weeks, while for others it might be months.

For additional guidance and support, speak to your trusted psychic. With her talents, a psychic can provide you with reassurance during your time of need. Psychic readings can also help you gain a better understanding of life after death.

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