Safe Travels, Joseph, by Psychic Ricky

Date 5/10/2018

Psychic Joseph, rest in peace

Psychic Joseph, rest in peace

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I first met Joseph many years ago within the airport parking garage when Psychic Source gathered several Advisors for a special event. I had heard of Joseph previously from mutual clients and the website.  Other wonderful colleagues were also flying in from around the county, but Joseph was one of the very first I met. I liked him right off. Very friendly, intelligent and caring were my very first and lasting impressions of him.

Throughout the years that followed we remained friends, touching base every so often, sometimes, like the last time we communicated, with just an emoji wave. We were connected, and often guided by Spirit on when to communicate. We loved to talk and brag about our dogs most of all.

We were very different, but we both understood and were united in our goal and purpose to help others on life's journey. Joseph deeply cared about his clients, and was always striving to refine his psychic skills. In those rare situations when he tried to help others and they responded with ingratitude, he would sometimes reach out to me for insight, wondering what he could have done better, as it would weigh heavy upon his heart and take a toll on his spirit. He was sensitive, caring and kind. Humility and humor are two more attributes he demonstrated. That was the caliber of person psychic Joseph was.

Our progress of learning, healing and serving does not end with our last breath. Our divine nature lives on, as does Joseph's.

Many of us have lost a friend with the transition of this gentle and gifted seer. I shall miss him, but he knows that he is welcome to stop by and visit, as always.

Go within the light my friend, but still yet shine some of it our way.

Your friend and colleague,

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susanne527: Rest in peace Joseph.... I will miss our conversations, your wisdom, and your advise.

annakruk633: Very very sad. I had a couple of readings with Joseph, and I always valued greatly what he said. Amazingly accurate.Gave me peace of mind in a very difficult situation, and He was right! I will miss You very much.

ohiogal44: I am so so sorry to hear about Joseph. He was one of the kindest and most thoughtful people I have ever met, not to mention a great psychic and empath. To Joseph I want to say: thank you so much for your prayers that time, for my sick cat...I was so touched that you offered to pray for my kitty right then and there. It touched my heart and no doubt helped him to get better. Rest in peace, sweet man....know that you were much loved.

ceccat: RIP my sweet Advisor. 9 years of online friendship but I could always count on Joseph. He always told me what he saw and rarely missed. What a nice testimony Ricky! I hope in a small way he will always be with me and his clients. I am shedding a little tear...may you ride through the clouds and watch over us all! Ceccat

simsim: I've been talking to Joseph for the past year and we talked a lot. he knew everything about me and always asked how i was doing. he was always there when i needed him was always honest, direct and kind with me. his the only person i talk to on here and i feel like i lost a friend today. i'm in tears. RIP my friend, im sure going to miss our chats :(

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