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Paw Prints on My Heart: Connecting Over the Rainbow Bridge by Psychic Dove

Date 8/27/2023
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Our pets connect with us, long after they have moved on.

Our pets connect with us, long after they have moved on.

A psychic sets her intention to the universe for her ideal rescue dog and finds her, beginning their journey of healing through unconditional love. She learns to communicate telepathically with her dog, who continues reaching out in spirit even after crossing the rainbow bridge.

Our pets work their way into a very special place in our hearts. They do this because they accept, appreciate, and love us exactly as we are. They are the incarnation of unconditional love and forgivenessWhen they cross over the rainbow bridge, the loss of this deep, heart and soul connection can be devastating. This is the story of my soul dog Nia.

The Intention 

I was ready for a furry soulmate to fill the dog-shaped hole in my heart. After installing undersized doggy doors in preparation, my friends thought I was crazy.  

“How can you install a door when you don’t know the dog’s size?” they asked.  

I knew the perfect dog would fit because I had put in an order with the universe. Manifesting your desires begins with setting a clear intention. 

My wish list included: female, under 10 pounds, no white fur, non-shedding hair, and a rescue needing love. I wasn’t set on a breed, having loved Chihuahuas, Pomeranians, Yorkies, and Dachshunds as a child. 

And so I asked. I believed. And I resolved to stay open to receive with passionate detachment

Love at First Sight  

When the time came, I connected with the local shelter site. No candidates jumped out until one photo caught my eye - a sweet long-haired Dachshund with big, liquid brown eyes. I clicked and was taken to a Dachshund rescue site, and there she was. After a complicated adoption application, and promising to get her spayed, microchipped, and offer her a forever home, the phone rang.  “Do you want her?” 


Two days later we met. Her eyes and ears were just as beautiful as the photo. The rest of her was a mess - starved, with patchy fur, black teeth, and a burned nose and tail. She was glued to the woman who had rescued her. My heart melted. Despite her neglect and abuse, she spoke to me with her eyes: 

“I’m terrified. I’m looking for my human and my forever home. Are you my human? Will you love me? Will you take me home and keep me?” 

If I had known her needs, I may have hesitated. But the universe had delivered my intention. How could I say no? It had given me everything I had listed in my intention, plus so much more.  Like a runaway train, I couldn't avoid her. 

The Healing Power of Love   

Our wondrous adventure began. With food issues, anxiety, bad teeth, and nightmares, my first dependent needed lots of love to heal. Like any new parent, common sense prevailed over fear. I learned about care, grooming, vets, and training. Most importantly, we bonded. I focused on her understanding me telepathically before learning commands and hand gestures. The vocabulary of telepathic animal communication is far bigger than the limited vocabulary of words we teach them.

But true connection required learning her language of senses and energy. She uses her nose to lead me and reads tones and body language. She watches me and knows my habits better than I do. For example, I didn’t realize how many times I reached for a snack until she wanted one every time I did. Pets are observant and intuitive, and many would also say that animals are psychic. One day when I couldn't find my keys, she shivered in the corner, sensing my frenzy. I replaced anger with love and found the keys easily. 

Speaking in Pictures  

The biggest breakthrough was realizing Nia thinks in pictures. When she wants attention, she looks into my eyes and sends an image. When I understand, she wags her tail.  

Here's an example of telepathic pet communication. Recently, I was in a hospital emergency waiting room with Nia and my neighbor’s dog. Iris, a Jack Russell mix, was shaking uncontrollably after seeing her mom taken away in an ambulance. “Nia, I need you to help Iris calm down,” I silently said and pictured a calm Iris. Nia nodded and began to nuzzle, lick, and kiss Iris’s face. Iris soon stopped shaking and curled up next to me for a nap. Iris’s mom healed and they were reunited.     

Reunited Over the Rainbow Bridge 

Nia, my gift from the universe, transformed me with love by accepting me fully. Pets are the incarnation of unconditional love and forgiveness. They connect with us soul to soul, and when they leave us, that soul-deep connection makes the loss devastating. As a pet psychic, I feel echoes of the loss of my own pets with every call from a distraught client.

Pet owners often ask me: “Are they mad?” "Did I do enough?” “Do they know I love them?” 

I can tell you with certainty this: animals understand life’s cycle. They tell me they love their humans and share funny stories about them. They're grateful for the life you gave them and for leaving painful bodies behind. Their enduring love reaches back across the bridge into your heart. The stronger the love and communication link in life, the stronger the link from the other side. In the pain of our grief, it may be difficult to feel their presence. Trust they are there. Allow their healing energy to enter your heart. 

The next question I am asked is: “How can I connect with my pet who has crossed over?” 

You can connect through photos, videos, and memories of touch and smell - whatever provides comfort. Feel their energy. Talk to them out loud or in your mind. Do what nurtures you and allows their love to enter your grieving heart. Telepathically send them pictures and receive theirs. Listen. Be with them just as you were in life.  My childhood Pomeranian Prancer visited me for years after crossing over. I’d keep still with eyes closed, feeling his body next to mine. He stayed until he knew Nia and I would be okay. 

Your pet is never truly gone as long as their love lives on in your heart. 

If you’re grieving the loss of a beloved pet, I encourage you to open your heart and reach out. Connecting with a pet psychic can help validate your bond and bring you comfort and closure. Speaking with a pet psychic can tap into their messages from across the Rainbow Bridge. Don't suffer alone - make the call today for their healing words of wisdom and unconditional love.



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