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Published Date 4/3/2019
Category: Loss & Grieving

My dogs are such an important part of my life.

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Animals live in the present, they have much to teach us about love and compassion, and they have no concept of dishonesty. They are aware, knowing, feeling beings and are always trying to connect with us.  They are eager to share their feelings, to tell us about what makes them happy (and what doesn’t). When we slow down and tune into their expression, we can experience communication – we can easily see when they’re happy, hungry, or want to play. They can also tell us when they are confused or in pain. 

Tapping into Our Gifts
Everyone has intuitive abilities; the psychic twinkle that connects us: the collective – cosmic unconscious. When we focus and tap into our gifts, we can learn to develop our skills and apply our gifts to receiving animal communication, slowing down and connecting at a more profound, heart-centered level. As a result, we become more balanced, gentler, and more considerate. 

Those of you who've met me or talked with me know about my love for dogs. I've volunteered with my local animal rescue group for over 25 years.  Some of you may be aware that in the last month our family has lost two gentle souls. The grief I feel is equal to the joy they brought into my life.

Be Present
End of life care and euthanasia decisions can be eased when we practice awareness; watching and listening to the energy without words help us to know what our pet needs and wants from us. We'll then know when it's time, and we'll know how to best to support them through the process of transition.  Being present makes all the difference for them, and also us.  

I'm left with the idea that dogs are braver than I could ever be. Even understanding they don't anticipate death, worrying about it as we do; still, they seem to go forward, courageously facing whatever life brings them. I like to think they teach us what is obvious to them.

We step into each new day dragging a whole complex of memories, emotions, and thoughts, some fearful or negative, sometimes resisting, then looking back regretting decisions made. Somewhere in the middle, we miss the present.  

Our animal friends are always right there, waiting for us to connect with them, where there is no fear of death or separation. They wait for us, ever present right to the end. What beautiful, gentle, reminders they are, teaching us not to overlook what's truly important.

Thanks for reading, I'm so glad we're on this journey together!

Bright blessings,

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