Make Time to Heal After a Heartbreak

Published Date 1/16/2018
Category: Loss & Grieving

After healing comes hope

After enduring a breakup or a divorce, feeling a sense of sadness is natural. When you’re navigating a complex range of emotions, however, it isn’t always easy to understand where that sadness comes from or how to move past it. Learn more about the loss and loneliness that you’re likely to experience and find out why it’s so important to make time to heal and move forward after a heartbreak.

Accept the Complexity of Loss

Once the two of you have disentangled your lives and parted ways, reminders of the loss of your relationship are all around you. Whether or not you still have feelings for your ex, your sense of loss might stem from much more than seeing his side of the bed empty or realizing that she hasn’t called or texted in days. In fact, the loss and sadness you’re experiencing might not really be about your ex. As authentic psychics know, those feelings often come from the sense that you’ve failed in love.

No matter how unpleasant it might be, give yourself time to process what you’re going through and grieve your loss. Remember that your feelings of grief are likely to feel the most intense at the beginning of the process, when you’ll experience resentment, anger, and fear. Everyone needs time to go through a major loss, but once you acknowledge and process your feelings, you’ll be in a much better position to move beyond them.

Don’t Keep It to Yourself

Regardless of the reason for your breakup, ending a relationship can be both humiliating and traumatic. Even if you typically reach out to friends for support and commiseration, the sense of defeat after a broken relationship might prompt you to retreat and keep your truest feelings to yourself.

While you should certainly give yourself time to process your feelings, refrain from keeping them all bottled up inside and giving in to the pull of loneliness. Remember that talking over important things with friends and family members who love you can give you much-needed perspective and help you. Reconnecting with the world around you can also help you work through loneliness and reinforce the belief that you’re worthy of the best kind of love.

Move Forward With a Sense of Hopefulness

It might be difficult to see through the pain at first, but it’s important to understand that you’ll eventually be able to move past the sense of sadness and loss. Though you owe yourself time to heal, dwelling on negative feelings for more time than you need is bound to hurt you.

Instead, try to regain a sense of hope and positivity as you focus on what lies ahead. Give yourself room to grow and blossom post-breakup. Remember that your life may look different after the end of your relationship, but you have hopes, dreams, and a future to look forward to.

Breakups are rarely easy, but they can serve as learning experiences and give you space to grow and become a better version of yourself. Not ready to voice your feelings to your friends or family? A live psychic chat can help you process your breakup and offer valuable insight into moving forward after heartbreak.


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