Is It Possible to Communicate with Deceased Loved Ones?

Published Date 6/25/2015
Category: Loss & Grieving

Deceased loved ones often attempt to communicate through dreams

When a loved one passes over, it’s natural that you should long to speak to them again. Perhaps the passing was somewhat unexpected and there are things left unsaid, or maybe you just miss them so much that you would do anything for one last conversation with them. It’s tricky at times and may come in a form that you least expect, but communication is not impossible. Here are five things you need to know.

Communication May Not Happen Immediately

Feeling a sense of urgency when you set your intentions on communicating with a deceased loved one is normal, but it’s important that you realize that these things take time. Your emotions may reach chaotic levels during this period of great loss, so you may find the focus necessary to communicate a little out of reach. Plus, your loved one’s spirit may have its own challenges. Give it some time.

Rituals Can Help Boost Your Efforts

When you’re emotionally ready to communicate with your loved one, you may find that certain rituals can help focus your mind. Dr. Raymond Moody advocates the ancient technique of gazing into a mirror. Some think that meditation is the best way to enable communication, while others believe that only psychics can speak to the dead. Experiment with techniques to find the one that suits you best.

Contact May Take an Unexpected Form

Expecting your loved one to appear beside you and indulge you with a lengthy chat is setting yourself up for disappointment. For most people, contact with the dead is shorter and more subtle. Your loved one may come to you in a dream or alert you to their presence by filling the air with a familiar smell. Remain as open-minded as possible; communication is often less obvious than you might imagine.

You Might Need to Enlist Professional Help

Communicating with deceased loved ones is not an everyday occurrence for most people. Focusing your mind sufficiently requires a staggering amount of willpower and perseverance. If you find it too difficult, you might consider reaching out to a psychic. A reading from an authentic psychic clairvoyant is likely to help, but remember that your loved one will only come through when they are ready.

There Are No Guarantees

You should remember that despite your best efforts, there are no guarantees. Some people have insight into the afterlife, but no one can legitimately claim knowledge of exactly what happens after death. If your loved one is unable to communicate with you, it’s unlikely they would want you to spend your entire life so focused on contacting them that you forget to live.

While it's not definite that you will hear from your loved one or feel their presence while you are still here on earth, there is nothing to stop you from talking to them. Find a quiet spot and go ahead and tell them how you feel, or simply share an amusing anecdote from your day. There’s a good chance that wherever your loved one is, they’ll hear you loud and clear.



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