In Loving Memory of Psychic Torri

Published Date 3/27/2013
Category: Loss & Grieving

Torri will forever remain in our hearts.

It is with deep regret that we announce the passing of a dear friend and gifted Advisor, Psychic Torri. Torri is well known by the Psychic Source community as being a humble, dedicated reader who expressed her genuine compassion for providing guidance.

Torri said it herself: She loved her job. She spent every available moment pouring her heart and soul into her readings.

Several members of the Psychic Source staff were blessed with the opportunity to meet Torri at an Advisor retreat in November of 2012. She traveled almost 20 hours overnight to attend the retreat, all with her crystal skulls along for the ride.

Service delivery manager, Jo Clare, shares: "Words cannot express my sadness. Torri will forever be in my heart & never forgotten. She was a caring, compassionate & loving soul. I feel blessed to have known her."

Besides devoting much of her time to sharing her unique gift with Psychic Source members, Torri also enjoyed tending to her crystal cave and her garden, working on her writing, and spending time with her pets. “The joy that she received from all her work continually refueled her energy for the next day,” explains Psychic Trecinda, a near and dear friend of Torri’s.

Torri has left the Psychic Source community with nothing but fond memories and precious words of wisdom. She spoke from the heart when giving advice.

“In order to change your future, it has to be changed now in the present. In order to know how to change, you need to know what’s in your past. It’s all intertwined,” Torri told Psychic Source.

Another close friend of hers, Psychic Moira, referred to her as her “soul sister, fellow traveler, noggin twin, and inspiration.”

Psychic Betty speaks of Torri as “a remarkably caring and compassionate woman.  She profoundly touched the lives of all of us.”

We could all take a page from Torri’s book—her kind heart, knowledge and extraordinary abilities will never be forgotten.

Psychic Source invites you to share recollections of Torri or pay condolences in the comments below, or on our Facebook page.


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momo1975: I had the most profound reading with Torri a few weeks ago and she was so accurate. My heart is sad for her loss. She really told the truth and had great wishes and prayers for my life. I wish her well in heaven. Thank you.

LeahT0423: I can't believe it! I was so looking forward to talking to her today to giver he an update. She was so direct, accurate and new exactly what was going on. I am so sorry for the loss of an amazing person and counselor. God Speed Torri!! God Speed..

LUCYBROWN: Tori was very well educated but more importantly very sensitive to the root of problems that people have. She had a difficult childhood that enabled her to have great empathy for others. She will be greatly missed but I know there is a very speacial place for her in Heaven!

Creative_Hiccup: Torri's advice saved my cat's life. She gave me critical advice that the vet did not give me. I am forever grateful to her and wish her peace. She will be missed. The tribute to Torri shows PS's members that it is more than just a business, it is real community where people care for one another.

lovely2000: Tori read for me two times, last time was in February, she was truly gifted, and I felt at peace after each reading..I was shocked and sadded to hear of her passing.....A true lost to this site and to all whom lives you touched..She gave me hope! Rest in Peace Dear Tori and Thank You!

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