How To Support A Friend Mourning A Pet

Published Date 11/6/2013
Category: Loss & Grieving

How To Support A Friend Mourning A Pet

There's nothing worse than losing a pet, as you may already know through personal experience. However, it can be just as difficult to see a close friend go through this type of loss in his or her life. Whether your loved one recently lost a cat, dog or a small animal, the pet was undoubtedly a special part of his or her family. You might feel like you can't help your friend in this time of need, but there are small gestures you can make to let him or her know that you're there. Understanding the grieving process can also help you be a good friend during this sensitive time.

Grieving A Lost Pet
The grieving process for a pet can be just as challenging as it is for a human being, especially if the animal was around for years. Psych Central noted that mourning a pet can also be unique in the sense that an individual is grieving the loss of unconditional love. Pets also tend to be frequent companions for their owners, leaving a void once they move on to the afterlife. 

There are also special considerations pertaining to animal deaths, such as the manner in which the pet died. For example, euthanasia may be necessary depending on the circumstances, which can make a pet death especially traumatic. Pet owners may feel a wide range of emotions including guilt and anger, just as they do following the passing of a human being.

Supporting A Mourning Friend
There is no way to bring back the pet for your friend, but there are steps you can take to show your support. Washington State University recommended giving a listening ear to your loved one if he or she wants to talk through his or her feelings. If the individual isn't ready to talk, don't force the matter - give him or her space and time to mourn.

Additionally, you may want to send your condolences to your friend, as well as his or her family members during this trying time. Flowers or a card can show your sympathy.

When your friend has accepted the death, you may want to suggest that he or she contact our psychic line. Our online psychics may be able to put your loved one in touch with his or her pet that has passed on, providing peace of mind.


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