How to Prepare for A Session with A Medium by Psychic MaryJane

Date 9/1/2021
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Be open to any messages you may hear from the spirit world.

Be open to any messages you may hear from the spirit world.

So, you want to connect with a loved one that has passed on? There is such beauty and magic in the moment a medium connects to the spirit world!

Here are some tips for a meaningful session with a Psychic Medium:

It Takes Energy to be a Psychic Medium

The medium is a conduit in connecting to the spirit world. They use their point of references to interpret meanings for you. This is a sacred space for the medium and no matter what methods they use, it takes a bit of energy. 

Keep an Open Mind

Make sure you are in a quiet zone and be open to any messages you may hear. Most often for me, the spirit energies come through in the order they want to come through! In other words, if you were hoping to hear from a grandmother, her two boisterous uncles may insist on coming through first. 

Take notes! What does not make sense in the moment may make sense after talking to another family member first.

Often times they may reference something you have done recently such as a hobby or interest. Know that they are acknowledging they are still aware of your life activities!

Hold Your Questions

The medium is often trying to interpret symbols they are seeing and words they are hearing in order to give you the messages. It is absolutely fine to ask questions of the medium but doing so while they are "listening" to the spirit energies may interfere with this and make it harder for them to give the spirit energy their undivided attention.

As a medium I never cease to marvel at the divine energy and profound beauty of hearing a message from a deceased loved one.

Ask for a Sign

If for some reason the medium cannot connect with the deceased, don't be discouraged. The timing for reasons unknown to us may just not be right. Thank the medium and your deceased loved ones and try again at a different time. I suggest you talk to them and let them know you are looking for signs from them. Be specific and ask for very specific signs, for example, "Send me a white lily." You will be amazed at the unexpected place you will suddenly see your answered sign!

Embrace life!

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MaryJane is a psychic medium who became friends with the cards in 1992. Desperate for information, she drove to libraries and bookstores reading everything she could get her hands on. Nowadays, she smiles at the plethora of information available on the internet and is very glad for it. She has been helping people through her gifts for almost 3 decades. In addition to her soul purpose work, she is a grief facilitator for new widows, a hospice volunteer and a lover of life! She is committed to helping people start over after loss and more than willing to help others navigate the dating sites!


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