How to Mourn a Member of The Community

Published Date 6/9/2013
Category: Loss & Grieving

Mourning a member of the community

If you live in tight-knit community, chances are, you know the names of all of your neighbors and everyone who shows their face at the town meetings.
That being said, it can be especially heartbreaking when a member of your community passes away. Whether it was someone who lived on your street or a person who worked at the local grocery store, there are a few ways you can pay your respects.

Consider sending flowers or a condolences card to the family of the individual who passed away. This can show that you have them in mind, and it's an especially suitable gesture if you weren't particularly close with the person who died.

In the event that you had a long relationship with the individual, allow yourself to grieve just as you would if the person had been a member of your own family. Give yourself as much time as you need to go through the emotions that come with mourning. Seek support from your community to move on.

Finally, consider contacting a psychic line once you've accepted the death. Psychic mediums can give you the opportunity to speak to the deceased and ask any last questions for additional peace of mind.


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