How do I cope with this?

Published Date 9/11/2012
Category: Loss & Grieving

Coping with the loss of a loved one is difficult.

My sister has had a horrible stint of health issues for the past two years, one thing right after the other. She was recently diagnosed with a disease that has withered her away to almost nothing.
When I heard this final diagnosis, I was extremely upset.  She was a nurse and I knew how patient oriented she was.

I saw her go above and beyond with so many of her patients in and out of the hospital.  She took care of my mother, until she passed and even me at sick times in my life.  My first thought was that it was not fair.  Why her?

Then, I remembered that we come to earth with a mission.  We have things to learn and things to teach.   I was being so selfish.  My sister has done such a wonderful job during her life and her mission is now almost complete.  Soon, she will be able to rest and recoup.  And I realized that I have no right to begrudge her this well-deserved blessing.  I have learned so much from this younger sister that I tortured when we little kids.  I hated to have to take her everywhere I went.   And now I faced the fact that she would not be with me much longer. I realized I was selfishly worrying about myself. 

So, what will I do?   I will spend as much time with her as I possibly can.  I will call her every day and I will remind her how much I appreciate everything that she has done for me and just how much I love her.  I will go with her to every doctor appointment that I can and will do whatever else she asks of me.  Knowing my sister, she will never ask for anything.  So, I will have to keep my eyes open to see what she needs and then make sure she has it.

What else can I do now?  I can keep my eyes open and learn whatever else I can from my sister while she can still teach.  I can keep her in my prayers and help her accept whatever comes her way.   I can help others to love and learn from those they love and to share their grace with them as well.  I can remind everyone that our time is limited and we never know how long we will have the opportunity to teach, learn from, love and enjoy those we love.  I can remind others that it may seem selfish to mourn those who leave us.  Instead, we should rejoice that we had them for as long as we did and celebrate all that they have accomplished.   We can wish them well as they travel on this journey and remember them with joy and forgive them for any transgressions.  

All we really need to do is Love one another for as long as we can and then say good-bye for now and wish them a safe journey!

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