Helping a widow enter the dating scene again

Published Date 11/26/2012
Category: Loss & Grieving

Helping a widow enter the dating scene again

If one of your closest friends lost her husband just a few years ago, she might still be getting used to the concept of being a widow. However, don't be surprised if she tells you that she wants to enter the dating world again.

After all, losing a spouse can leave individuals feeling lonely and yearning for love again - but is it the right time for your friend to start dating again? What if she comes to you for answers? reports that one sign that a widow or widower is ready to start dating again is that he or she has had an ample amount of time to grieve. Similarly, enough passing of time means that the individual isn't simply seeking a rebound to feel better about his or her life following the loss of a spouse.

The American Association of Retired Persons states that widows and widowers who are ready to move on also don't show any signs of bitterness or emotional baggage - both of which can scare away prospective significant others.

Consider encouraging your friend to speak to a psychic for further guidance on the situation. A love psychic reading can let her know if a handsome suitor is just around the corner or if she should wait a bit longer to start dating again.

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