Help Your Dog Go Through the Mourning Process

Published Date 7/3/2013
Category: Loss & Grieving

Helping your dog go through the mourning process

If you've always had two dogs and one of them has recently passed away, you may have begun to notice a few changes in your surviving pet. He might seem more lethargic, lose his appetite or sleep more now that his furry friend is gone. While researchers are still attempting to determine if dogs experience grief, signs of depression in your pet may be all the confirmation you need to know that he's going through a period of sadness.

But what do you do once one of your dogs moves on to the afterlife? Cesar's Way recommends engaging your pet in activities he enjoys during this difficult time. This may mean going for more walks, playing fetch or swimming. Encourage relaxation in your dog as the grieving process commences.

As you mourn the loss of your pet, it's important to keep yourself in a positive state of mind as well. Because animals are thought to pick up on human energy, your emotions can play a large role in how your dog is feeling once his friend is gone.

Finally, consider psychic readings if you're interested in finding out how your pet views the situation. Telephone psychics who specialize in animal readings can give you valuable information on how to satisfy your dog.


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