Grieving Incomplete Goodbyes

Date 1/16/2023
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Losing a loved one is never easy. Learn how to connect with the universe to cope.

Losing a loved one is never easy. Learn how to connect with the universe to cope.

We may not have been able to say a real "goodbye" to a departed loved one — maybe they were taken during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, or perhaps it was just a sudden death that no one could predict. No matter the circumstance of your loss, it is much more difficult to grieve when you couldn't say goodbye properly. 

The Grieving Process

Healing doesn't happen overnight. It is important to remember that there is no "normal" timeline for grieving. You might think of grieving as a short period of pain or sadness after a loss, but it's an entire emotional process of coping with a loss. While it may take someone a few months to feel better, for others, it may take years. Every loss is different, and none of us experience grief in the same way. Allow yourself some patience and grace during this difficult time and remember that the way you grieve is an individual experience. 

Ways to Cope With Your Grief

Much like everyone grieves differently, everyone copes differently as well.  However, I can offer a list of insights that may help lessen the ache: 

  • Accept your pain and allow yourself to feel it. 
  • Understand that you may experience irrational emotions, and that's okay. 
  • Try seeking out help from trusted individuals. 
  • Take care of your physical body — this can help improve your mental wellness as well. 
  • Take comfort in asking for and receiving signs from departed loved ones.

Looking for Signs From Loved Ones

It is essential to acknowledge that while our loved ones may be gone physically, they are never gone from us in spirit. It may be comforting for you to seek out guidance, reassurance, and signs from departed loved ones by asking them to send you a sign. 

Asking for Signs from the Universe

By asking for a sign from the Universe, you are letting the Universe know that you trust a power greater than you to guide you. You can ask one of our online psychics for help in asking for a sign if you're feeling overwhelmed. If you don't receive a sign, consider how that may be a sign in itself that you are not ready. You can ask the universe to guide you in any way you see fit. 

Receiving Signs 

Don't be offended if the sign does not manifest how you hoped it would. We often hope for very clear, physical proof that our loved ones are near, but try to take comfort in the little magic they bring around you. Some common signs a departed loved one is near include:

  • Noticing their smell.
  • Them appearing in your dreams.
  • Music that is perfectly timed.
  • Unexplained electrical issues.
  • Animal signs in nature.
  • Sensing their presence.

If you need guidance throughout your grieving process, we are always available to help guide you. Telephone psychic readings may also bring you comfort in your time of loss. 


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