Giving Your Spouse Support in the Event of a Death

Published Date 7/29/2017
Category: Loss & Grieving

Giving your spouse support in the event of a death

Giving your spouse support in the event of a death

When your spouse loses a close friend, you're likely going to see him go through a rollercoaster of emotions as he grieves. Whether your husband is coping with the passing of a college buddy or colleague, you're going to need to provide support while he mourns. As the wife, you may not have known your spouse's friend personally or be able to relate to his grief. However, there are many ways that you can get through this challenging time together.

Relating on a personal level
If you're having a difficult time relating to your spouse, can you reflect on how you felt when you lost a close friend or relative? Finding empathy can help you get a better understanding of what your spouse is going through. Think about sharing your story with your husband and tell him how you eventually overcame this grief. This might end up serving as a source of inspiration for him as he goes through his own personal loss.

Avoiding the search for answers
Part of the grieving process may involve asking what could have been done to prevent the death. Similarly, you might feel obligated to give soothing answers to your spouse. However, Hitched magazine states that it's crucial to note that there isn't a problem that needs to be fixed in this instance. You might not have all of the answers for your spouse right now and similarly, you won't be able to bring the person back to life. It might be best to allow your partner to go through his emotions and come to these conclusions himself. Once time has passed, he'll appreciate the gesture and do the same for you when you're experiencing an unexpected loss.

Making yourself available
You might not know what your spouse needs in this specific situation, and he may not even be aware of what type of support he requires. That being said, the most you can do is let him know that you're there, according to Psych Central. Make it a point to show that you'll be around through thick and thin, regardless of any emotional lows he may hit. In the event that your partner prefers space rather than cuddling, respect his preference.It's important to remember that not everyone grieves the same way. In addition, there's no set timetable for how long an individual can mourn. Don't rush the process - simply be there when your partner decides he wants a friend.

Once your spouse has come to terms with the death of his friend, you may want to encourage him to contact our psychic line for closure on the matter. Psychic mediums have the ability to contact the deceased, and this might give your significant other the opportunity to connect with the individual who has moved on. In turn, he'll be able to have any lingering questions answered for peace of mind. Similarly, you may want to seek guidance from a medium if you want to come to terms with a death in your life.

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