Getting a Second Opinion

Published Date 7/14/2012
Category: Loss & Grieving

We all know the truth can sometimes be very painful.

Just like when you visit the doctor and he’s got some bad news, your natural responses flare up and after the quick flashes of sadness and anger, you want a second opinion, stat!
It’s all a natural part of the grieving process – we’ve heard about the five stages of grief (by Elizabeth Kubler-Ross). Denial is the first step – we don’t want to believe we’re dying, or someone we love has suddenly died, or worse – our hope has died. That’s really the worst part of losing someone in a relationship – the loss of hope: hope they’ll return; hope they’re not really cheating or with someone else; hope they’ll change and fast!
That’s why you call us. You want the information (hey, information is power – and getting some control over that information can only help, right?), but then again – the information isn’t really what you want to hear. When you visit that second physician, you want to hear something to bolster your hope, and if you don’t get it? You might get a third, fourth or fifth opinion, until you find that one kooky doctor who promises some experimental drug, or some homespun combination of trickery only he knows about.
We understand. We really do. But we’re also not allowed to blow smoke up anyone’s dress and tell them it’s just the wind – we sometimes have to be the ones to give you the truth as we see it. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to say “they’re not coming back” only to feel obligated to add “but that’s not a bad thing! It’s better for you this way!”
Never convinced, and never able to give up hope, the result is often a 1-star rating or an immediate demand for your money back. Surely I was wrong! Surely the truth...just can’t be! And yet...did you really want me to tell you a lie? You’d have been even more upset when you finally reached that final stage of death (and losing a relationship IS a kind of death to be sure): Acceptance.
Accept and move on, I’ll tell you. I actually might prefer to say “Sister, get a manicure and move on!” But I do so want to be gentle, because face it – we’ve all been there, and we all know the truth can be very painful. Especially when it affirms what you already know deep down inside – it really is over.
And at that point I’ll say the only thing I can say, and hold out my own hope that you believe it: I’m sorry. Because I really am sorry. It’s hard, I know.
But one thing you can be sure of – we won’t tell you a lie. All that does is cost you money and time, time not well spent on ancient Chinese drug concoctions or secret African voodoo recipes. Time is the healer, the truth is the compass, and acceptance is the destination.
It just takes a while to get there. And for that I really am sorry.
Call me today to find the truth.

by Psychic Stephen x8696

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