Could You Benefit From Chakra Unblocking? by Psychic Faith

Published Date 11/30/2015
Category: Loss & Grieving

Do your chakras feel blocked?

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Have you noticed that you have areas of your life that feel blocked, stuck, or disjointed?

For example, is your work life and financial stress starting to affect your relationship or love life?

Does is seem like you can't quite get ahead at work? Are past pains or griefs starting to crowd your thinking and effect your actions? Do you find yourself afraid to reach out to potential mates, or are you having a lot of first dates but not many second dates? Are you struggling to stay in long term relationships? 

Energy Block

You may have a block in your energy system, or in one or more of your chakras, that is preventing a full flow of your natural life force.

When this happens, you will start to feel symptoms like worry, anxiety, or even a sleepy feeling. You may lack the motivation to make changes, or to start new ventures. You may start to wonder what happened to the passion you used to feel.

Coping With Pain

What is happening in these cases is that something has happened to cause your natural connection with Source - your energy within and from Spirit - to get locked in an area. For example a divorce, death or painful breakup can close up or subdue the heart chakra. This can be a very positive and healthy response when the event occurs, as perhaps the heartbreak feels like too much to handle, and your energetic system is helping you by taking away or softening the pain, so that you can get through the day.

However, as the event gets further into the past, and you have learned to cope again, your heart chakra may still be affected or closed, thinking that you still need protection, and can produce fear and avoidance of future heartbreak. It is a very human response that nearly everyone has at some point in their life. Sometimes further help is needed than you can do on your own, especially when several events have built up over time.

Restoring Your Daily Passion

An empath or clairsentient can help to feel where your chakras are blocked, and through their gift and connection to Source, help you identify and open areas so they can be healed and let go. There is a transformational energy that can be accessed by anyone with the proper guidance that can open and heal these areas - it comes from Spirit and your inner sources of Love and Faith. By concentrating on opening these areas, your life flow can become stronger again, and you can find the successes you desire in your life, and restore your daily passion.

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