Coping with the loss of a child

Published Date 6/14/2012
Category: Loss & Grieving

Coping with the loss of a child

It can be devastating to think about the prospect of a young life being taken away. If you have been unfortunate enough to go through such a traumatic experience, you know how it feels to grieve and cope with this type of loss.

According to, the most common emotions parents experience in response to an untimely passing are extreme guilt, shock and anger. CNN reports that people who lose a teen or a child entering his or her early 20s often suffer the most, primarily because their son or daughter is just beginning to bud into an adult.

"When a child dies, it's like a black veil dropped in front of your eyes," Patricia Loder, executive director of the Compassionate Friends support group, told the news source. "Everything you see is through a black veil - that's the death of a child."

To cope with the grieving process, you may want to contact a psychic medium. Receiving a reading from a psychic medium can help you get in touch with your child who has passed on, which can give you some much-needed peace of mind.

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HeavenSpeaks: When I was teaching Kindergarten I remember one of my students acting very tired he wanted to sleep all day. His parents said oh hes just lazy turned out he had an tumor in his brain that killed him he died at 5, makes no sence. It is said sometimes God picks the most beautiful flower in the garden.

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